Wednesday, March 30, 2011

18 Month Check-Up

The kids had their check-up last night and got their final Prevnar booster.  (Why Prevnar?  Due to Maya's lungs not inflating 100% at birth, we opted to vaccinate against pneumonia.)  Our peditrician said that they are doing great and, once again, show no signs of prematurity.  YAY!!!

I was updating their babybooks, and watching their weight/height checks over the last 18 months is amazing!

Bobby's Weight & Height
9/09: 2lbs12.7oz; 15"
10/09: 3lbs8oz
11/09: 8lbs2oz
12/09: 9lbs8oz
1/10: 12lbs1oz; 22.25"
2/10: 14lbs
3/10: 15lbs8oz; 24"
6/10: 20lbs; 28.25"
9/10: 23lbs10oz; 31"
12/10: 27lbs; 33.75"
3/11: 28.2lbs; 35"

Maya's Weight & Height
9/09: 2lbs5oz; 14.25"
10/09: 3lbs
11/09: 6lbs2oz
12/09: 6lbs12oz
1/10: 8lbs4oz; 20.5"
2/10: 9lbs11oz
3/10:  11lbs4oz; 22"
6/10: 15lbs; 24.75"
9/10: 16lbs10oz; 27"
12/10: 19lbs; 29"
3/11: 20.2lbs; 30"

Not only does it amaze me to see where they were, but also to see just how different they are!   Just so it doesnt get lost, here were yesterday's stats:
Height: 35"
Weight: 28.2 lbs
Head Circ: 20"
Height: 30"
Weight: 20.2 lbs
Head Circ: 18.5"

They werent too happy about their Prevnar injection (which means, in turn, I was on the verge of tears...) but were very happy when we took them out to dinner afterwards.    They actually slept really well (so we did, too!), which I didn't expect.  Usually, after shots, they are pretty unhappy during the night.  This morning, they did have a red, splotchy rash on their face (rash is one of the side effects) but, it has almost entirely cleared now.  I want to say this happened after the last Prevnar shot too, but I dont remember.

This afternoon, I have my annual with my midwife, who I haven't seen since I was pregnant with Nicholas and Sophia... since I switched pregnancy care to Dr. B.  We've emailed and I've kept up with her on FB, but it will be lovely to see her in person.  


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quadmom said...

love seeing their stats! I am happy to see Maya was just about 16.5 lbs at 1 year -- makes me feel better about peanut Sophie (she is 15lbs 2oz at 10.5mth) -- Maya is clearly thriving so hopefully Sophie will, too.

You should be so proud of your amazing preemies!!

Anonymous said...

They are growing growing...Its interesting to see the difference in height and weight between them considering they are twins.