Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Glimpse

Last week, Maya's BFF spent two days with us.  The girls are only a month apart in age, and they spent the week together at Girl Scout Camp while Peter was away in California.  While they had seen each other beforehand, that was their first intensive time together.  We've had a few times together since, and it's cute to watch Maya with a close friend.  The snuggle together on a chair to share a tablet and work through an app.  They play board games on the floor.  They sit in the stairwell leading to the play/homeschool room and giggle, talking about the things that little friends talk about.  They swing next to each other slowly, just sharing the space and their day.  It's different than the high impact, sister-and-friend-to-boys life that Maya normally has.  She's rough and tumble, screaming right along with them, pushing and jumping and rough housing.  All good things, but different, too.

As I watch her interact with the daughters of our friends, I often find myself wondering what life would have been like for her with a living sister.  Seeing her last week, with all those stolen moments and shared jokes, it made me both happy that she had found a friend and sad that the friend isn't her older sister. 

I see it in glimpses often, but I found myself tearing up about it a few times last week.  I'm to the point where I try not to ask "what might have been" because we are lucky and grateful for what "is".  It still hits from time to time, though- often when I least expect it.

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