Thursday, August 6, 2015

Growing Up

I mentioned to my BFF Sarah the other night that watching the twins grow up is really hitting me in the gut.  She responded that, six years ago, we just hoped to be able to do this one day; she's so right.  Laying in the hospital, 6 years ago, I was on my 15th day of hospital bedrest and 9 days from viability.  I read through that post and it made me choke up.  There was so much hope and so much fear.  I haven't really read through those back posts, not in a long time anyway.  It's hard to remember that time; in some ways, it feels like another me... a lifetime ago.

And now, as the twins tell me they want to be astronauts and how their sixth birthday party has to have a Wild Kratts theme because they are soooo cooooool, I'm smacked in the face with their growing.  Cracking out the second grade curriculum when my kids aren't even six years old was tough, but nothing has thus far compared to talking with them about making the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist in early 2016. 

Two days ago, Maya wanted to look at gowns while telling me all about Jesus becoming the Host and how we are lucky because we get to "take Jesus" whenever we go to Church.  Initially, we'd hoped that Peter's mom (who made my wedding dress and the Christening gown for our kids) would be able to transform my wedding dress into a Communion gown for Maya, but with increase arthritis and just time issues, she didn't feel that was realistic.  So, we had talked about buying a dress and having her embroider something special on it, like a Brigid's cross or a special phrase.  Well, Maya found a dress that she immediately fell in love with.... And it was on sale... And Daddy approved (even though it doesn't have sleeves)...  And... so I ordered it.
Maya's First Communion Gown

At the same time, she asked what Bobby would wear.  I explained that boys wear suits and she asked if she could look at suits.  (Bobby likes to dress up for church and has a few suits, but I figured why not!  He doesn't have a white suit, which is what Peter and I had talked about for him.)  Well, Maya found one.... And Daddy liked it... (see where this is going?)  And.... I bought it.
Bobby's First Communion Suit

I had emailed our parish's DRE about registering the kids and yesterday, we touched base on the phone.  She seemed very nice and was pro-homeschooling, which was really nice.  As we chatted, she gave me the dates for the spring... February for First Penance and Reconciliation.... March for the Sacramental Retreat.... April for First Communion. 

My heart is in my throat.  It's only August, but the months move fast with little people everywhere!  We have Peter's birthday this month, then the twins next month, then Lucas born in October and his baptism in November (along with Alexander's birthday).   December is Christmas and then the year is over!  With Nicholas's birthday on Feb 1st and Sophia's on the 16th, we are then right upon First Penance at the end of the month!  The retreat is actually on Peter's mom's birthday in the beginning of March and then boom!  First Communion!

We are actually due to have our annual vacation on the date of First Communion, so we may end up doing a private one.  Part of me is sad about that, but part of me wonders if it will be easier, since it would be in a typical Mass that Bobby is used to and wouldn't be a long line of children.  We aren't sure yet how we are going to handle it. 

What is for sure is that time is moving... Fast.... And while I knew this day- and hoped this day- would come, I'm still not ready for it.

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