Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Happy Birthday, Peter!

One of my favorite pictures of Peter was taken on his birthday when we were pregnant (and in the hospital) with Bobby and Maya.  We had only 3 days until viability.  His parents brought food and a cake, and we celebrated in the hospital.  Of course, I cant find that picture now, in spite of looking through my computer and FB.  Oh well!  I can see it in my head! :) 

Today, we celebrate this awesome guy.  This man who takes the most pride in being a great husband and father.  A man who works tirelessly to provide for us financially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  A man who judges his success not by how hard he works at the office or his job title or even all the positive differences he makes in his field, but by how his family is- inside and out.  We are so blessed by him and, although I don't tell him enough (and definitely nag him more than I should), he is the rock of our home.  He is the hero of our children and the love of my life.

Happy birthday, Peter!  The world is a better place and has been for a bit shy of four decades because you are in it!  I love you!  We love you!

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