Monday, August 3, 2015

Lucas - 30 weeks

Well, the big 3-0 has arrived!  30 weeks!  It feels insane to think that, back in January, this little munchkin came to life and that now, as we celebrate the last full month of summer, we are this far along in the journey together.  He's a soccer player in utero, so I can't wait to see what he's like on the outside.  He feels tall!  I can feel his head on one side and his feet on the other...  At my 32 week appointment, Dr. B. plans to do his guestimate on measurement.  Since all my kiddos have measured larger than gestational age, I'm assuming Lucas is no different- especially with how big he feels!

30 weeks!

A lot of cool stuff has been going on this last week.  My mom is visiting in late November-early December!  She's planning her trip to coincide with Lucas's Christening, which is now confirmed for St. Andrew's Day on November 30th!  We are super excited about that.  Now, I just have to figure out where to have breakfast after.  Normally, we cater a lunch at home after late morning Christenings, but since this one will be around 9am, we thought it would be easier to do a local restaurant.  And, both godparents are set!  Lucas's godmother was one that came to us immediately and she was confirmed back in April.  His godfather was more of a challenge and one name kept coming to mind for both of us.  We asked him a week ago and he wanted to pray on it; today, he said yes!  We are so overjoyed to have two wonderful people standing up for Lucas in such a special way.

Nesting is in full effect.  I cleaned up Peter's office today.  He still has to organize it but boxes are stacked and you can actually see the floor!  That room was a disaster area!  The playroom/homeschool room is still a work in progress, but I'm getting there!

All in all, I feel good. A lot of leg cramps at night... I had to stop teaching my cardio yoga class (I'm just too tired), so last week was my last class.  My running has suffered, since Lucas has decided he doesn't like the bouncing!  It feels great after about a mile, but when I get home, I pay for it! :(  So, that sucks.  I'm hoping I'll still bounce back after the surgery, especially if I keep up with some walking each week and hatha yoga.  We shall see.

But here we are!  9 weeks to go!  We are in single digit weeks now- Only 63 days!!!!

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