Friday, August 7, 2015


L-58 days....  Why does that seem like a short period of time?  It's less than 2 calendar months and it just seems crazy that we are talking about Lucas's birth.  I look at my calendar and I'm amazed that I only have 2 prenatals (32w and 36w) scheduled; assuming I go weekly and do a 37w and 38w, then that is 4 prenatal appointments left.  There is the option, if my platelets are high, to just do a 38w, which means only 3 left.  It has me shaking my head!  I just cant believe we are that short a time away.

I still have stuff to do but, other than the infant car seat, things are pretty much done.  We haven't decided yet on the car seat.  Michael used one of the ones I had from the twins, which were Graco.  At the time, we had researched them for the twins and they won for both safety and price.  Unexpired, we decided to use the one we had left (the other we had given away) and it worked for the few months Michael was in it.  But that one was given away and has since been tossed since it expired.  The Chicco KeyFit 30 has great reviews, but that bad boy is $200!  If Lucas is like his brothers, he will be in a transportable infant seat only for six months or so, then we'll buy the expensive-but-safe-and-wonderful Diono Radian.  That's what Michael is in, and I wish we'd gotten those for the twins.  Amazing car seat.  Really love it.  But it's another pricey one, at $300.  The only good thing is that those suckers last.  I'd like to have our decision made by 36 weeks, just in case Lucas decides to be born during the Pope's visit to the area.  The last thing I want to worry about is going into labor at 37 weeks, fighting traffic into the Philadelphia area (my hospital is literally across the street from the seminary), and then having to worry that we don't have a car seat.  So, that gives us 5 weeks to make a decision and square that crazy away.

I'm in the process of scheduling maternity/newborn family photos with the same photographer who did Michael.  She's wonderful!  So, that will be an upcoming thing.  Hard to believe that's going to happen so soon; it feels like yesterday that I was telling her I was pregnant!  She took care of all of Michael's pictures, as well as doing our family photos last year.  She is amazing and the kids love her, so it makes for an easy time.  She's really awesome and, if you are local, I highly recommend you check out her webpage or visit her on FB.

Maya thinks I should pack my hospital bag.  She likes looking at the pregnancy app on my phone and one of the features is a list for your bag.  She doesn't seem to understand that if I pack my favorite pants, I wont be able to still wear them for the next 8+ weeks!  I figure I'll let her help me pack at 36 weeks so that she knows it is done.  This kid is definitely my kid at times!

The last girls afternoon out before baby is scheduled at our local brewpub!  They gave us a sweet deal on an open bar (I'll only have one, OB-approved pint of stout!), appetizers, and sandwiches. 

A friend of mine is an awesome baker and she's my top choice for making a cake.  (I made the one for Michael's GAOb4B but, I just cant do it this time... Too tired.  Plus, it's so close to Halloween!  I think something neat would be fun!  Maya has picked out a variety of options... I'm going to go broke trying to accommodate her, LOL!  She liked a few sheet cakes and then a few really hardcore "the baker must make this" cakes.  Here are two of Miss M's suggestions:
We shall see!

But seriously... 58 days.  We are so close to me walking into a 39 week delivery!  Seven and a half years ago, I only hoped for this day.  Seven years ago (on 8/10) I became pregnant with Alexander and begged for the opportunity to hit 24 weeks, let alone anything beyond that.  Six years ago, I was praying we would make it a few more days to hit that 24w and just keep going towards anything.  When I was pregnant with Michael, every day was such a miracle and I couldn't imagine that I was actually "still pregnant".  With Lucas, the amazement is still there, every time I catch a glimpse of my growing belly or feel (or see) Lucas move.  But it feels like it's not so much a dream... That we will get to the full term mark and be okay.  It might be a 37 week full term, similar to Michael... It might be that 39w planned c/s.  But I really think- no, I believe- we're going to make it. 

Thank you, Dr. Haney.  Thanks for being right about the TAC.  Thanks for that hope, even though I never thought I'd ever have another baby.  Thanks for the chance and the possibility and the reality.

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