Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tesla Tuesday: The Sun (part 1) (homeschooling)

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In trying to figure out how to keep things "child led" and open ended but still make sure we are pulling in as much learning as is appropriate, I opted to buy (probably too many) books on space.  All of the children love astronomy and the study of space (the twins both want to be astronauts and Bobby tells me he's going to Mars one day).  As I was trying to figure out how to really make "Tesla Tuesdays" work for us, as it relates to incorporating science and experimentation into our week, I thought that I'd pull in specific things for each month.  Up in August?  The Sun.  We'll spend each TT in August with info on the sun.  I plan to try and incorporate their daily subjects, like handwriting and reading, with the topic, along with an art project and, of course, their science experiment (if possible), since experimentation is a big part of the whole TT experiment!

So, the Sun... We did these one-on-one. 

Bobby opted to write down facts based on what we read, worked on his art (to create "sun bursts"), and to color an image of the sun with a Bible verse.

Maya opted to do a manuscript page that listed a verse from the Bible, worked on the "sun burst" art, and colored the Bible verse sun picture.  (I love how you can see my pregnant belly, looking like Jupiter, at the bottom of the picture.)

Michael, never one to be out of the action, colored part of a page with me while also using crayons and a pencil to freehand his own picture of the sun.  He was very proud of himself!

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