Monday, August 17, 2015

32 weeks

We are 32 weeks today!  48 days to go!  7 more weeks!

Maya went with me to my OB appointment today and she was so excited to see her littlest brother on the ultrasound machine.  He was practicing breathing and opening/closing his mouth, which led Dr. B. to tell her, when Maya asked "What is he saying?", that he was clearly saying "Hi Maya!"  The smile on her face was huge.  :)  The ultrasound machine decided to freeze, so we opted to not worry about waiting for it to reboot and do measurements.  In what he saw, Dr. B. said Lucas looks great and I'm honestly not worried. He is breech and we were able to see his eyes opening and closing.  I have two more prenatal appointments (at 36w and 38w), then we are done! 

Eyes open and mouth moving at 32 weeks!

The good news is that I can stop the steroid ointment for my back.  He said that it looks good; there is still a footprint of the rash, but it looks like I have an intense suntan/mild sunburn and Dr. B. said the ointment has done what it can do to treat it.  However, I now have a PUPPP rash everywhere.  Oh my goodness... The itch!  The uncomfortability!  He prescribed a low dose of Prednisone and a low dose of Atarax, both oral, to hopefully knock out the rash and hives.  Unfortunately, the Atarax makes you tired.  I was okay for about 2 hours, but then I literally passed out on the couch in the five minutes that my MIL said she was on her way to when she got here.  Then I slept for 2 hours.  The remaining three hours, I've been groggy to start and now feel okay, just tired.  Thankfully, these are only for a week and, God willing, I'll be a much happier person by 33 weeks!

I went through maternity clothes from my pregnancy with Michael, to find out what I could use for this pregnancy as summer begins (hopefully) to wane into fall.  Funny enough (or not so much) the stuff I wore when I was fairly early pregnant with Michael doesn't really fit as I'm moving closer to term with Michael.  A fair amount of it was donated to another mom who was in need of some maternity clothes.  I was, however, able to keep some of my favorite pieces, so that's nice.  I'm looking forward to losing the baby weight from Lucas and Michael both, and getting back into my comfortable, "pre-baby" wear.  With Peter having a good amount of time he'll be off at the end of 2015, I'm hoping I can establish a good routine once I'm home from the hospital.

As anyone who isn't under a rock (ahem... me???) knows, the Pope will be visiting Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families.  My hospital is across the street from the Seminary and, while we wont be impacted with the Philly closings, there was a concern about roads being shut down because of the proximity to the hospital.  I'll be 37 weeks during the Pope's visit... Prime time for delivery (although I'm really holding out for October!!!!)  It was strange to be discussing what happens if I go into labor.  I still have another appointment (the week before Papa Francis visits) but it was surreal to have that chat with Dr. B.  Thankfully, the way we go to the hospital will be open; traffic might be bad, so Dr. B. asked that if I start to suspect labor, to just leave for the hospital and ring him on the way; he'd rather send me home than have me need to call an ambulance on the Blue Route while we are stuck in traffic.  Thank God, my hospital is on the outskirts of the City; I can't even imagine what the poor moms, due in September/early October, are going through if they are in the lock down area.

So, while this week is still a rough one as it relates to rashes and being uncomfortable, it was a good OB visit and that's really what I hope for each month.

32 week belly

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