Thursday, June 27, 2013


36 weeks and a "naked" belly this time!

36 weeks!

Even though it is hot and humid (with periodic thunderstorming) since Tuesday, I still feel way better than when the pressure was building and building, so I'm feeling pretty good. Hot flashes quite a bit (I'll confess... I may look like the above at home, walking around with my shirt pulled up!).  Michael likes to move a lot which is reassuring and also makes me want to pee! :)

I had my 36 week check up yesterday.  Michael was "frank breech", meaning his butt was on top of my cervix and his legs were up, with his feet by his ears.  He moved last night, though, and is now back to transverse.  The breech position is like a constant "I need to pee" sensation, so I'll admit, I prefer transverse!  He's also so long that I think transverse gives him more room to move around.  I was actually surprised he's able to move around at all!  I keep hearing that I'm smaller than average and that my uterus isn't stretching as is typical, so the fact this kid can move is pretty awesome in my book!

I did have another issue with sugar spilling into my urine, so I had to have a finger stick, but that came back normal.

Because of his positioning, Dr. B. couldn't really measure him and guestimate his weight, so we'll try that next week.

All, in all, a good appointment.  We discussed my little soiree at L&D; Dr. B. had said he actually would have told me to stay home, rest for an hour, and check again and then, if it was still high, to go in, but he understood the on-call's request that I pop over for monitoring.  It wasn't so bad... and I got to chat with an old nurse friend. :)  She joked that most typical pregnant women end up in L&D at least once before labor, so I'm getting the full experience! :)

36 weeks was when we were told to plan for Nicholas and Sophia to be "full term". and later, the same thing for Bobby and Maya.  Amazing to be at this point in pregnancy, and to know that, in 7 days, we are actually considered "full term" (even though I want to hit 39 weeks!).  I know I'll breathe an extra sigh of relief once that happens.  (And a huge thank you to my Cross Country kid families who are praying a novena for Michael to "bake" until full term.  That is so sweet, and Peter & I are very appreciative!)

I don't anticipate blogging for a few days (although I may status update on Facebook).  Peter and I are going on our babymoon to NYC tomorrow!  We have reservations at a small hotel and at our favorite restaurant for tomorrow, and then we're into a suburb of the City for bagels on Saturday morning!  Pretty excited!  (And I cant believe I've made it to the "babymoon" date with no real issues!!")  I'll write all about it when I get back, I'm sure, but suffice it to say, I'm pretty psyched, as is Peter.  The kids... meh... Maya's still a bit ticked that she's not coming to dinner with us.  But I know they will be sufficiently (and moreso!) spoiled with Uita and Aunt Sarah.  By the time we get home on Saturday, they will be trying to send us away!  (This happened on our first and only overnight date... I'll be shocked if they welcome us back with open arms!)

In fun, "belly" pictures, I'll have the updated "Pregnancy Journey" picture for next week at 37 weeks, once we are officially "full term".  I just looked at it (after putting in my Father's Day bump and the belly shots for the last few weeks), and what a difference a few weeks makes! Can't wait to share it in, gulp, 7 more days!

So, have a good weekend, and don't think I'm delivering if you haven't seen an update in a few days! I'm enjoying my husband and celebrating in the Big Apple!


sunflowerchilde said...

Wow, you're almost there! I can't wait to meet the new little guy. Have a great time on your babymoon!

St Elsewhere said...

Enjoy your babymoon.

I love naked belly pics...

Congrats on making this far, and I hope you go 37 weeks +.

Amy said...

I am just so excited and happy for you! Tears of joy will be flowing when you post his first post-birth picture!