Monday, June 10, 2013


Can you believe it? T-6 weeks until delivery!  42 days.  As each day ticks off the calendar, I get a sense of "this is surreal".  You'd think 8 months in would have given me enough time to realize that, indeed, I am this pregnant and there is a fairly good chance we'll kick the idea of a NICU stay and prematurity to the curb.  But, still... Those thoughts are still there, in the back of my mind.

Peter and I are so vastly different.  While I have no doubt that his scientific brain has run through all the options and that he has known every milestone that has passed, be it consciously or subconsciously, he doesn't talk about them the way that I do and he rarely gives me more than an "yeah" when I bring up something, like it's been X weeks longer than B&Ms pregnancy, or that we have x% chance of a healthy baby if we deliver at X weeks.  He knows these things, but they aren't a tabulating goal list in his head.  I try to keep in mind that there is no reason to doubt walking into the OR on July 22nd... I mean, Dr. Haney has been right this entire pregnancy and, since I've not had any real preterm labor issues, there's no reason to assume that the TAC wont hold out until the end, even if my cervix hits 0mm below the stitch.  And yet... I'm still looking at my milestones... 

* 6 weeks til delivery
* tomorrow=6 weeks longer in pregnancy than Bobby and Maya (33w5d vs 27w5d)
* Thursday=34w and hospital policy is not stopping labor except for 48 hours to administer steroids for lung development (NICU time can actually be bypassed for some 34 weekers, crazy as that seems...) c2013

Looking back, this all just seems like insanity.  It feels like a dream. There's a small part of me that just expects that the other shoe has to fall.  The larger part of me, however, feels like we're just in a 6 week countdown that will end in the birth of a beautiful (and big!) little guy.

Let's end this on a funny note: at the unshower luncheon, I was sitting at a table chatting with friends and an aunt busts out with "You can still cross your legs!"  In the shower, I am amused that I can still see my feet.  It really is the small things these days... :)

(And, in fun news... Wednesday, Sarah and I are doing our annual TBIC (pardon the language "two bitches in a car") event that we do as a combined birthday (she's Feb, I'm June) adventure.  We rarely have a plan, and we just see where the day takes us.  She mentioned the other day that this may be our last pre-delivery chance!)

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quadmom said...

Yay for 6 weeks to go!

I had a great time at the pub! :) :)