Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I've carried Michael for 7 weeks longer than I carried Bobby and Maya.  At 7 weeks old?  Bobby and Maya were around 5lbs and taking parts of their feeds by bottle/breast verses just the tube.  And they had about 2 more NICU weeks to go.  Tomorrow, I have my 35w check-up and I'm wondering if we'll get a weight check (it's not Dr. B., it's his new partner, as he is away, so I have no idea what to expect...).  It's nuts to think of Michael as a 5lb baby, though... In my head, I still am in awe!

And in pain at times.  I notice that when we have rain and storms (which June has been insane), I tend to have more Braxton Hicks contractions as well as a few "real" ones (not enough to go to the hospital, thankfully!).  The last few days, Michael has been flipping around and, when he puts pressure on certain nerves, I actually lose some sensation in parts of my legs.  As a runner, that's a crazy feeling.  Thank goodness, most of my discomfort seems tied very closely to the weather.  When the pressure outside feels high, I tend to have a headache, more aches and pains, etc; when the pressure is lower (even if it is hot), I feel much better. 

I'm at the point where I definitely find I walk differently and am much slower than normal.  Just 'running' into the store for a few groceries is a long trip, LOL!  And I'm glad the kids don't mind sitting in the cart because those monkeys feel way heavier these days!

But, all in all, still here... Still pregnant!

Things going on...
  • I've finished my P17 shots (my choice... I ran out at 34w and opted to not pay $80 for a single shot; I would have ended at 35w)
  • Including tomorrow, I only have 5 more scheduled OB appointments.
  • I update our kitchen wipe-off calendar daily... Yesterday, Michael's delivery date was finally on the calendar.... that is so strange!
  • I keep feeling like I'm going to have Michael around 38w and not my 39w4d c/s.  Just a feeling.  We'll see.
  • T-2w2d (16 days!) until "full term" at 37w.
  • T-4w6d (34 days) until our scheduled delivery date!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm am so thrilled to hear how far along you are. What a blessing!

Devon said...