Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Day Without School

So, here's our first Tuesday sans preschool... We're doing okay, actually!  I was a bit scared after Sunday, when Bobby cried "No Jesus at Church; Jesus at school!  Jesus at school!".  Yeah... that didn't sound like our Sunday would go well.  But, it did!  He saw two of his teachers at Mass, which was great, and got in enough snuggles (fingers crossed) to last him a while!  This morning, his IU speech therapist came to the house and they worked together for a good session, then we did an hour of homeschool before snack and some sign language, then we baked cookies (how else do you teach math to 3 year olds?).  Right now, we're just relaxing and playing; in an hour or so, we'll have lunch and then nap (and boy, am I ready for my own nap!)

While Bobby had speech, Maya helped me put away laundry and strip their beds.  She's quite the little housekeeper!  I think I know how to implement an allowance with her!  She's quite the expert at putting away laundry.  And Bobby loves to put laundry in the washer and dryer, and start it.  Now... if I can just get them to clean the bathrooms.... :)

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