Tuesday, June 25, 2013


It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I've carried Michael for eight weeks longer than Bobby and Maya.  At 8 weeks old, Maya had just gone through laser eye surgery and was having issues being extubated, and Bobby was getting ready to come home.  He left the hospital at 8w2d.  Maya joined us at home 4 days later, at 8w6d.

It's nuts to think that Maya was a bit over 5 and a half pounds and Bobby was just over 6 pounds when they came home around the same age Michael is (almost) in utero.  I see Dr. Bailey tomorrow for my 36 week appointment and I'm really curious to see his weight estimate.  (He's doing a growth check and weight guestimate tomorrow.)  This kiddo feels big, but you never know... and, while ultrasound isn't a reliable indicator, at this point, it's the only thing we've got!

So... let's see... Things going on...

Sleep is getting less.  I find myself going back to the couch.  I still wake up to pee every 60-90 minutes, and when it takes me a good 15-30 minutes to fall back to sleep, sometimes the couch is just easier.  It also feels better because I can rest on an incline, on my back (the incline helps keep the weight off my veins and allows for open breathing, which is nice... I'm a back sleeper, so I miss sleeping on my back in bed!). 

I think my nesting stage came and went around the time we squared away the nursery.  That being said, my garage is getting on my nerves.  It's hot and humid most days now, so cleaning out the garage isn't a task I'm looking forward to, but it's really getting under my skin.  I may have to dedicate some time to organizing it...

OB appointment tomorrow.... Almost a week to go until "full term"!

Babymoon this weekend!  The kids alternate between being excited and being upset that Peter and I are going to be gone for a night/2 days.  We'll see how this goes!

I think that's about it... It's hot and humid, and boy am I feeling it.  I've had some contractions, especially when the weather is really humid.  But, all in all, still doing well!

27 days to go!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Amazing. So close. Can't wait to read tomorrow. Kandi Ann