Tuesday, June 25, 2013

35w5d part 2

Clearly, I posted too soon!

So, this morning, I felt a bit off and took my BP.  It was higher than normal but still within normal ranges.  But all day, it was going back and forth: normal, higher-normal, straight up high.  By 4:30, it was high and I wasn't feeling great, so I called my MIL, who came to watch the kids for me so I could lay down.  A recheck at 5... still high.  5:20... still high.  5:50... really high.  Called the on-call and, while I waiting, I got a crazy reading: 154/113.  The on-call told me to go in (with a reading like that, who could blame her?) so I drove out to the hospital while Peter, who had just gotten home, stayed with the kids.

When I got to L&D, my nurse was actually someone I remembered (and who remembered me!) from my Bobby and Maya residence. :)  She was one of my favorite night nurses, and it was really nice to see a happy face.  I explained that all had been well but that, whenever the weather got stormy, I tended to feel a bit off and that today, I felt really off and my BPs were really high.  So, I changed into the gown, gave a urine sample, and got hooked up to the monitors.  Michael was great, which was awesome, but I was contracting (irregularly, which is normal at this gestation) and my BP was sky high.  They drew some blood, so that they could run the panel for HELLP Syndrome and my BP was continuously monitored.  After about an hour and a half, my blood pressure began to stabilize and drop within normal ranges.  The HELLP panel was clear and I was discharged.

I have an OB appointment tomorrow, so I'm sure we'll discuss this, but the consensus seems to be that, while it is rare, since I have been known to react to the weather with higher blood pressure and headaches (nonpregnant as well), this may just be a case of that.  (And, as if on cue, the thunderstorm just hit...  Nice...)

So, still pregnant.  Still here... And still hoping for 26 days and 1 hour! (since it is so late already!)


cheryllookingforward said...

Thinking of you! I'm so happy all is well and you are back home. Stay rested and happy!!!

paulsgirl1297 said...

I know this is a magical new experience for you and Peter, I am so ready to see baby Michael..so I can only imagine how excited you must be..