Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And the Beat Goes On... And On... And On...

Energetic me is quite happy to have so much going on, even though it seems to never stop!

Currently, I'm enjoying looking at Baby H's first present, a 3 Kings gift from his or her godparents.  It's a monkey rattle, fitting since I'm sure, like Bobby and Maya, I'm gestating a monkey. :)  But, other than that, I am BUSY!

I have course materials I need to put together for the CBE class I'm teaching at the end of the month, as well as for a late-term pregnancy CBE class that I'll do in March. I guess I'll start that on Thursday morning, since laundry will beckon after this entry.  (I've already cleaned the LR, BR, and B&Ms room this morning).

I've also got to prep for my Prenatal Yoga practical exam, which will be this weekend.  Ahhh... the joys of certification!  And every 3 years....  I can't wait til the kids are old enough; I'll use them as my practice aides! :)  Maya would probably love that already, knowing her.

And speaking of yoga, I have 3 different sessions this spring.  The first 5 week session runs through February, then I have a March-April 5 week and April-May 5 week for the school district.  Better get my brain to paper and start mapping out classes!  While the first session is about 20 minutes away, the ones for the school district are at the elementary school 4 blocks up, so woo hoo!

 I'm considering signing up for a womens Bible study at a local church (this is the one that I attempted when the twins were 2 and it didnt go well). Still talking about it with Peter, but we'll see.  It runs while the kids are in preschool, so we wouldnt attempt the kids program at the host church again, but still... It means I'm a good 20 minutes from the kiddos during the morning, versus the 5 minutes from my house, and I'm not sure if I'll make it back in time for pick up...  We'll see...

We're also looking into summer options for the kids.  Neither their teacher nor we think the entire summer off will be good for them, especially Bobby.  With how long it takes him especially to adjust, even the 2 week winter break was tough.  So, we're looking for preschools that run summer programs that still keep an education focus (versus something like a 'day care' which we arent intersted in).  School ends in mid-June, so I'd like to keep them home til July, then do something for July and August, so they get a 2 week break before school resumes in mid-September.  So far, I have 2 top choices; the one deals a lot with the integration of atypical and typical children, it is a stone's throw from my in-laws, and has a good reputation; the other one is half a mile from us and is Montessori based. I know one friend whose son goes there and loves it.  Both have invited us to visit.  The integrated one only does a program in July; the other does a program all summer long.  We're thinking 3 mornings a week (to get the kids transitioned from 2 mornings a week to 5 mornings a week in the fall).  We shall see!

Peter will know by Friday exactly when he is going to Holland, so we can start making arrangements for while he is gone.  He thinks he ***may*** be able to swing it for before my MIL has surgery (PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!), which means we'd have her as a back up in case of a problem during the day, and Sarah has said she'll spend the nights here, which means if there were an issue at night, the kids would be covered.  I also talked to one of my neighborhood pals who comes for playdate and who knows the kids well (she was also a special ed teacher) and she offered to be on'call for me during the time he's away, just in case of an emergency.  Bobby and Maya love her boys and she knows the lay of the land around here, so that's a wonderful relief.  And, Peter's cousin, whom we visit in MA, also volunteered to spend her spring break down here with her daughter, whom the twins adore.  She's a special ed teacher as well, so I know that if she's here and I need to go to the doctor or something, that Bobby would have yet another compassionate and understanding adult with him.  So, all in all, I am feeling way more at peace with Peter leaving.  I'd prefer he go while his mom is still mobile because it gives us another level of support if there is a 'what if' situation, but if he goes after her surgery, I know that we have so many folks- local and not so local- who are willing and able to help us.  It's so kind, and I feel really lucky.

Well, the dryer just stopped and I leave shortly to go grab the kiddos, so... let the beat go on!

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