Saturday, January 26, 2013


...and I'm sick again.

Thanks, Bobby and Maya.  I love the kisses- really, I absolutely LOVE them.  The germs that come with them?  Those happy little creatures your friends at school share with you?  Not so much.

Not at all.

Now, mind you, the kids were sick for all of a day.  Me?  This is day 2, and my head wants to explode.  Not to mention, I can't breathe because I'm so stuffed up.  This blows (or rather, doesn't blow if I'm literal).  Yuck, yuck, yuck.

So here's to another few nights of sleeping on the couch, not because I cant get comfortable or because I have to pee every 90 minutes, but because apparently the arm of Peter's favorite couch is the proper height to allow at least one of my nostrils to breath.

So, who else was up at 2 am this morning, rifling through their kitchen and trying not to wake up their sleeping family?  Oh.... Just me...  Yeah...  This kiddo, like Nicholas and Sophia, apparently likes to wake up at way-the-hell-early a.m. and eat.  This began around 12 or so weeks with them, and it started around 13 weeks with this little one.  The last few nights, I've been up.  I ate a cold chicken breast (yum, rotisserie chicken!) one night, fruit another, a Luna bar another... Today's early treat?  PB&J.  And let me tell you, there is nothing like an extra crunchy peanut butter and French apricot preserve sandwich on oat bread... except when it is washed down by farm fresh chocolate milk (from chocolate cows! really!) :)

I slept through lunch today (thank you, Peter... the nap was really lovely) so maybe I'll hit up the kitchen in the sunlight for another PB&J...  I wonder how long this love will last.  (Please, Baby H, let it last a long time...  That way, I can avoid gross things like a desire for cheesesteaks...)

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