Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year!

I actually did see the ball drop, although in fairness, I was asleep by 8am and Peter woke me up at a quarter of midnight.  I was on the couch (my current favorite place to fall asleep) and we snuggled, watching Star Wars until it was a minute or two before the ball dropping, then we switched it over.  At the new year, we kissed and said we loved one another, then he called his mom, continuing the tradition she had with her mother of calling right after midnight.  We chatted for a bit and then called it a night and, by 12:15 or so, I was snoozing again.  Excluding the three additional times I had to go to the bathroom, I woke up around 5:30 and went to bed, before snuggles with Bobby, then Maya, had us out of bed by 7:30.  Good times.  Nice way to start the year if you ask me!

I finally have shaken enough of the flu to want to run.  Well, I've wanted to run for the last week, but with all the coughing and hacking, combined with the aches of the flu and the tiredness of both it and pregnancy, I just havent been able to.  I made it for 6 minutes of the elliptical before feeling like I was going to start a coughing fit (which actually did start), so I've been taking it easy.  But today, I decided to suit up in some cold weather gear and hit the streets!  I took a nice and easy 3 miler to and through my favorite snowy park trail.  There were times that I had to stop for a cough  or just a few walking steps to center myself because I felt a moment of fatigue or, most likely, coughing!, but it was nice.  I'm so happy to get back out there!  I've missed it!
First Mama/Baby run of 2013! 10w5d

Of course, not throwing up has had to come to an end.  My last pyrotechnic show was on Christmas morning.  I've been taking the Zofran when I feel the nausea coming on, rather than just because.  I've noticed the nausea decreasing and I've been able to go into the afternoon before needing it at this point.  I finally had dinner with the family for the first time a few days ago, but had to Zofran beforehand.  This morning, I had a bowl of cereal before running (my mistake... should have waited til after).  When I got home and took my shower, I was feeling a bit off and thought 'better take the Zofran this morning'.  I wasn't even through with my shower when I knew I wasn't going to make it.  I called for Peter to help me lay down but before he could give me my towel, I lost my breakfast.  Being the awesome hubs he is, he helped me through the grossness, then helped me out and dried off.  But still... Yuck.  Dressed in PJs and on the couch now, ready for a nap. :)  I'm grateful for the near week without a visit from 'Ralph', and the fact that things have settled down give me hope for the next few weeks that this will just be a first trimester thing.

I also had a bout of energy yesterday, which led to me scrubbing down the kitchen.  I've been so tired, it takes me forever to do any small task, so being able to really get the kitchen cleaned up and down was a highlight!  Of course, then I was tired and ready for a nap after!

Weight wise, I'm up a total of 1 pound.  I'd gained 4 pounds, then lost those plus 2, and thanks to the magic Z pill, am not up 1.  But my weight is definitely shifting into a little round ball in my midsection.  Some clothes really show (not so much in my jammies right now!), and I actually bought 2 (on clearance) maternity shirts yesterday at Target which really show off the roundness.  It's cute.  Still shocks me at times!

Another big shock is just how different this pregnancy is.  At 11w3d, I had my cerclage placed.  This was my last week of modified bedrest, where I could still shop and walk around, but needed to spend 1 hour of rest for every 2 hours of activity and should 'mostly' be sitting.  No running for sure back then!  From 11w3d on, it was straight to bed.  That's less than a week away.  At this point, with all that goes on in our days and how active I am, I can't even imagine being in bed next Sunday and not getting out of it until April, May, June, July...  And to think of going into the hospital in March and not seeing Bobby and Maya all the time for God knows how long...  I can't even wrap my head around it. 

I'm staying focused on the positive.  I dont know what will come, so I'm trying to just not worry about it.  We'll face whatever bumps are in the road, so we're enjoying it for all that it is right now, today... And are hopeful for a good tomorrow... up until a good July delivery!


Amy L. said...

Yay, Mama! You're doing great! How nice that you have the TAC so you don't have to worry about cerclage this time, and all it's difficulties.

I'm still waiting for the pukes to go away. Even with daily Zofran and B-6, I've had issues at least once a week. Today is 14w, so I'm hoping for a reprieve!

Marilyn said...

Congratulations Michelle! Prayers for a happy,healthy nine months!! How is your friend with the quads? I use to follow her blog but she must have gone private, moved or stopped?

Michele said...

She is well! The kids will be three in May and she's one busy mama! She did go private a bit back.