Monday, January 21, 2013


I should call this post "Smoother Moving".  Sorry, that was gross.

We'll start on the TMI front: I'm feeling so much better.  A thank you to all the people who commented, texted, FBed, and emailed me their stories and advice.  I opted for an Activia yogurt in the morning before breakfast, 4oz of prune juice 3x a day (before each meal), 6oz of pear juice with dinner, and I'm keeping the 100mg of Colace 3x a day.  I started this yesterday (sort of) with an Activia, one 4oz shot of prune juice, and the pear juice (plus my typical 300mg of Colace).  And today?  2 successes!  YAY!!!  I've never been so happy for nasty prune juice.

And while people told me, it's not so bad.  What are you drinking???  It looks like dirty water and tastes like what I imagine that would!  I hold my breath and chase it with water (good thing- more water, I think!).  Someone recommended cutting it with plum juice.  While prunes are dried plums, the juices are actually different.  Plum juice is sweeter since the prunes have been dried first and the juice is made from the dried end product. Think the difference in taste between grapes and raisins, sun dried tomatoes and vine fresh, or (duh) plums and prunes.  I love plums... Prunes? Not so much.  I almost picked up some plum juice, but I'm cheap... Prune juice was cheaper and I can hold my nose.  But still... Yuck!  (On that note, Peter says I'm a big baby.  He's right, no doubt!)

I've been having interesting pulling in my abdomen.  It could be round ligament pain.  But Dr. H. had mentioned that some women with dynamic cervix issues tend to shrink/lengthen throughout pregnancy and that, with the TAC, you can feel the cervix trying to change against the stitch.  Could it be that?  I dont know.  But if it is, wow... I change way earlier than I thought.  Without having a 24-hour ultrasound going, it would be pretty impossible to know that, though.  I'm not worried, but the stretching is an interesting feeling.  I'm imagining that I'm feeling it in a different way because of all the weight I've lost and how my body has changed shape.

I have a request: just do me a favor and say and extra prayer for us over the next 2-3 weeks.  We have some things going on and, while I'm not going to blog about it right now, I'd appreciate your warm fuzzies and prayers offered on behalf of our family.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle! Just wanted to let you know I'm a long time blog reader (before Bobby and Maya) and I had heard about you years ago on a prayer blog. I will cover your family in prayer! Many blessings!

I don't know how to "choose an identity" other than anonymous. I normally log in through Facebook if I post on a blog.

Deana Brown Batts