Wednesday, January 9, 2013


We saw Dr. B today and Baby H was measuring right on target with a heartbeat in the 160s (we were using a different u/s machine, so I'm not exactly sure of what dates the baby was measuring).  The appointment went well, although it's clear Dr. B is concerned about me running, even though Dr. H thinks it is fine, and he asked me to limit it to 3 miles at a time, and to be open to re-evaluating it at any time.  Which I am, of course.  He said that we'll go appointment by appointment, and see where that takes us, which sounds like a plan to me.  And, of course, if there is ever pain or spotting, I'm to call immediately. 


He seems happy with me exercising as long as I am able, and I think he'd prefer a bit more cross training with yoga and the elliptical, so I'm planning to drop my running to 2-3 times a week, with yoga and the elliptical 2-3 times, for a total of 4-6 times a week.  If I'm tired, I'll keep it on the low side; if I'm energetic, we'll try for the high side.  No more than half an hour in a stretch for cardio, so now that I'm SLOW when it comes to running, if that means 2 miles instead of 3 on one day, then so be it.  I'm sad I wont be doing the 5 milers on Nick and Sophie's birthdays, but I'll make up for it in July, once the baby comes! :)

The only thing of concern (to me, didnt seem to concern Peter or Dr B) is that my cervix measured 3cm.  I'm going to have to go through previous blog posts, but I think I'm normally around 4-4.5cm, so this seems short to me.  Dr. B said that it could be the machine or the fact that we were doing an abdmonial u/s, so next appointment (in 3 weeks) I'm to go commando for the u/s and, if it still looks 3cm or shorter, we'll do a TVU just to make sure.  I also have my first level 2 ultrasound with perinatal next week, so I'm sure they will get a few shots of my bionic cervix too.  I'm not sure if the TAC shortens the cervix during surgery or what...  From what I've read, 3cm is well within the normal range; it just feels short to me.  But, again, I could be imagining things... I'll have to read through my pregnancy journals and previous posts to see what my length was in those pregnancies.  I welcome your cervix stories!

UPDATE: Okay, with Bobby and Maya, I was 4-5cm at this stage; with Alexander, I was around 3.75cm.  I dont think I have measurements for Nick and Sophie... still looking.

On the cue for tomorrow... a 12w belly pic! :)


Stace said...

A cerclage - like you had with Bobby & Maya - always adds length that's not "really" there because it flattens and elongates the cervix. Or so I'm told that's why I measured so "long" in the beginning. Since you don't have the same type of cerclage this time around it makes sense that you don't have that "extra" length. :)

ANd I know for me, the abdominal measurements are never very accurate and have shown major errors in reading both too long and too short.

Alison said...

I haven't been much for keeping up with blogs the last couple of months, so I wanted to say Congratulations! Baby H is beautiful! I am 20 weeks right now and going through all the cervical measuring etc. etc. Everything looks great to far, and all my Lupus and Hughes syndrome anti-bodies came back negative! Negative! I was floored! Congrats again! And prayers for Maya's Godfather!