Saturday, January 19, 2013


I'm hungry.... I can't complain because Peter, perfect guy that he is, has already taken my "order" for Subway and is on his way.  But, the one track mind is at play, so... I'm hungry.

I'm taking baby steps to kick my previous history where the sun doesnt shine.  No decision on the whole nursery-in-our-room vs own-nursery yet, but my current wardrobe has dropped to the few maternity shirts a friend lent me and yoga pants.  I'm feeling frumpy.... (I think, amplified, because my friend Rebecca- if you homeschool, totally check out her page, especially Homeschool Mondays- has challenged herself to give up the pony tail for a month in an attempt to de-frump-ify... I have blow dried my hair for 3 days... still a pony tail, but blow drying??? not me, people!)  So, as much as the whole 'dont do things you'll have to undo' still haunts the back of my mind, I decided to look into more maternity clothes.  I went to my favorite local site, craigslist, and typed in maternity, finding a lot of things for sale near where Peter works.  Emailed with the mom, had a nice back and forth, and ultimately, Peter picked up two huge bags (plus a cocktail dress- gorgeous!) and brought them home.  As I took each item out for the wash, I realized that there was quite a bit more in the bags than I thought.  As in, two loads of laundry!

This morning, I cleaned my closet.  It was impossible to fit in a few more pieces; I had to actually take out non-maternity clothes and box them for the basement.  My closet is still full- that's how much stuff this woman gave me! (I mean, I paid for it, but she made a deal for it, and I'm convinced she added pieces).  The clothes are nice too- pretty but in excellent shape.  I'm wearing one of my "new" outfits now, and it feels strange to be in real clothes and not workout wear!


The whole "nesting" thing has been lost on me.  I mean, I wanted a nursery with the other kids and wanted things squared away, but the compulsion that my friends spoke of?  Never had that.

Until now.

Hot diggity dog...  It's a crazy feeling of needing to get X done.  Like washing the walls.  Or cleaning out the floor of my closet and organizing my shoes.  Or changing out my desk for the newer (smaller) one that is in the garage.  When the feelings hit for actually getting baby stuff done?  God help us (and my previous history) because I dont know if I'll fight the urges!


Peter told me that he felt "boy" again today, and unlike his vote for Xerxes as the name, felt the name "Michael", which is my choice if this baby is a boy.  Perhaps Michael Xerxes?  ("he who is like God", "hero of heros")  We'll see.... I'll have to start a poll soon.  Boy or girl... I still have no idea.


And now, for the TMI section.  Constipation blows.  I realize this is a common pregnancy complaint, but (like puking, etc) this is something I avoided in the past.  The Zofran plus the iron-heavy prenatal plus just being pregnancy... ugh.  I'll spare you the gory details but it's a rough time.  I reached out to some moms on my TAC board and got some great suggestions, so I'm going to the supermarket later.  Prune juice (mixed with plum), pear juice, Activia yogurt.  I drink so much water, so adding more of that isnt really possible (well, I'm sure it is, but you get the point) and I already take 100mg of Colace 3x/day, but I'm at the point of asking for a prescription from Dr. B.  Yeah... That B-A-D.  But we'll see... Hoping the juice and trading (at least for now) my Greek yogurt for the Activia will help...  Ideas?  I'm open to them!


Queenie. . . said...

Note that prunes and plums are the same fruit, and start off with only 1/4 cup of the juice. I like it with seltzer, but it's definitely a weird texture that way. I made the mistake of drinking an entire glass the first time I used it. Talk about clearing the system!!! Whoops. My ON laughed at me when I told her what I'd done. Have you upped you fruit/veggie intake? Small amounts of prune juice work great, but so do do lots of juice fruits/veggies.

Queenie. . . said...

That should say OB!

Michelle said...

I was really constipated with my last pregnancy and this time tried a different prenatal. Blackmores pregnancy gold. OMG so much easier. Nothing else is different. No prunes/juice, diet is the same, lifestyle is the same. Maybe a different prenatal does it..worth trying. btw, I'm 37 weeks along, starting to freak out.

Amy L. said...

Prunes totally didn't do anything for my Zofran-induced constipation. I hope it works for you. I did the Colace 3x per day, Benefiber 2x a day, a probiotic 3x a day and a digestive enzyme 2-3x per day. I wasn't consistent on the digestive enzyme, and it seems time has made the difference. I'm 16w5d today and it is getting mostly better. At least I'm not bleeding anymore. :)

Amy said...

I hear you on the gparent complaint. Minutes away, retired, and my in-laws rarely see the kids. Too tired, too busy, too far to drive...whatever. I am (nearly) passed being angry with them. I just don't get it. We moved to this ity bity town to be near them, and now they don't have time for us. Whatever. I hope its more their loss than my kids', as I hate the thought that my kids are often wondering why gma and Papa S****er never come to see them. And what makes it that much harder is that my parents would kill to be able to spend more time with my kids. Grrr...okay, now I'm constipated. ;-)