Thursday, January 24, 2013


How the heck did that happen?  14 weeks?  I wasn't sure I'd ever see a "4 week" in  pregnancy timeline, let alone 14!    But the little gut I'm sporting and my tight-around-the-midsection running wear is definitely a sign that the 2nd trimester is swinging itself in gear.  Still taking Zofran every couple of days because sometimes the nausea is awful, but for the most part, even that is going away.

What decided it's here to stay?  Yeah.. That awful constipation.  I thought I'd fixed it with the prune juice/yogurt/pear juice/colace cocktail.  Apparently not.  To the point that I had a chat with Dr. B. today.  He's recommending Milk of Magnesia or Miralex, and if they dont work, moving on to Ducolax.  If that doesnt work, we'll have to talk about it.

Fun times.

So, I've upped the prune juice (NASTY) to a full 8oz before meals, in the hopes that will help, but if I'm still like this by the weekend, The MoM it is...  Yeah, like I said, fun times.

But, I do love Dr. B.  What a great guy.  He called me to chat about a few things, and from his personality to the way he words things, I just really feel like we have a really awesome OB.  I'm nervous about Peter's trip to Holland more for Bobby and Maya; I know if something happens that Dr. B. and his staff have my back.  It makes me sad when I hear other moms talking about a love-hate relationship (or worse, indifference) with their care providers.  We lucked out and I thank my lucky stars that my midwife recommended him 5+ years ago.

So, after my run on Tuesday, in 19 degree weather, I'm thinking I'm either going to have to find a cheap treadmill or switch to the eliptical.  That's just too cold.  I was miserable for the entire 2 miles and I just wanted to come home.  So, not sure how that's going to work out, but something has got to give.  I have a hard time regulating my temp when I'm pregnant and when I get cold, I'm COLD.  Like teeth chattering cold.  And it takes forever to warm up.  Peter usually puts a blanket in the dryer to drape over me when I'm sitting in a 72 degree house, with the fire going, and my teeth clicking together like I'm in Alaska in winter.    But I think I'm done with cold weather running for this pregnancy.  Which makes me sad, but hey... What can you do?  Any locals want to find a new home for their treadmill? :)

Maya keeps telling me how great of a big sister she's going to be.  It's amazing to hear her make up these convaluted tales of life after baby.  For Bobby's part, his appropriate play with the baby doll has taken off since we've started talking about the baby coming, etc, which I think is his nonverbal way of starting to prepare.  Every now and again, he'll come up to me and touch my stomach and look up at me with those big brown eyes.  So sweet.

I have an inpromptu blood test tomorrow afternoon, and an appointment with good old Dr. B. next Wednesday, but otherwise not too much on the pregnancy calendar.  It's hard to believe that I'll be 15w1d on Nicholas's 5th birthday, and the realization that he was born 5 days later in that gestation is quite something to wrap my head around.  I look at his picture and, getting an idea of what this little one looks like... Amazing.  Just amazing.

14 more weeks and we'll be 28w- the farthest I've ever been in pregnancy, and the start of the 3rd trimester!  Woo Hoo!  May 2nd, here we come! :)


Anonymous said...

I had the same issue with zofran. No cure to offer but I can say as soon as I stopped zofran things got back to normal pretty quickly.

Amy said...

14 weeks - YAY!

I have never had the "issue", ahem, you are having, however when someone close to me was suffering from a severe case, he went and had a DQ blizzard. WHAT? Yep, a blizzard. Another relative of mine heads to McDonalds when this problem occurs. I think it is the drastic introduction of nasty "foods" that one is not used to that does the job, but this is just my guess. So I don't know if a fake milk (soy) frozen treat would help, but I thought I'd pass this along!

Other than that problem, I am SO happy for you!!!

Amy said...

14 weeks - woohoo!!!

A close relative heads to DG for a blizzard when experiencing constipation. I think the fake milk (soy) product sends his body for a loop, cleaning it out. I have no idea if this would work for anyone else, but hey, you never know!