Monday, January 7, 2013


Wow... It's hard to believe the first trimester is winding down.  It seems like yesterday there was the Suprise! 2 lines! and now... on the downward slope to week 12 and the last week of this trimester.  Some days, I am still shocked that this is where we are.  Some days, I still can't believe that, truly, I'm pregnant...

Today is the first day in weeks that I've felt like myself.  No nausea when I woke up, none when I ate.  Actual energy.  I took down the Christmas tree and decorations by myself.  The playgroup went well, and I actually felt like my brain cooperated in having grown up conversation.  The kids and I played after playgroup before I made lunch and it wasnt a struggle of monumental proportions.  After lunch, nap took a bit longer than normal (probably because we were playing and excited more than usual) but it was fine.  I didnt feel like I was going to pass out if I didnt lay down for my afternoon rest period.  I didnt feel like I was on the verge of cracking.  I felt... normal.  Like a few months ago. 

There's a part of me that, I think, feels like a loss of symptoms means that it is time to freak out, but the bigger part of me feels like this is all just normal.  The way normal pregnancies are.  I remember feeling fairly average during my previous pregnancies, and Dr. B. said that (fingers crossed) my nausea, etc. would start to go as the first trimester went, so...  Normal.


We had our annual 3 Kings potluck yesterday.  It was a lot of fun and I felt good!  It was nice to socialize with people and not feel like I needed to find the closest bathroom to get rid of what I was eating.  My FIL also discovered a great alcohol-removed wine called Fre and the two whites I've tried have been decent.  I don't miss alcohol or caffeine, but it's nice having alternatives with a nice meal.  The kids had a blast (this is a 'kid party' for the most part) and it's my favorite get together of the year. :)  Part of the evening was spent debating names... and no one likes Peter's constant chant of Xerxes, so that was quite priceless.


Still logging miles.  I have a five mile race (well, let's be honest, I'm not 'racing' anyone since I'm so slow now... I went from 10min/miles to 13min/miles) on Sophia's birthday.  It's extra special.  Sarah ran this race the day Sophie was born, and she always calls it the Sophie run.  For the last few years,  I run the age of the kids in distance, and since it is Sophia's birthday... plus the run is on her actual day... Sarah and I decided to do it together.  I'll do a neighborhood 5mi on Nicholas's birthday, but this is a nice addition to my runs. :)


I've been thinking about getting a doppler.  I had a small, over the counter kind of doppler (a Graco, I think?) with N, S, and A but it broke before B & M's pregnancy.  I've heard great things about Sonoline, but that's close to a $60 investment!  When I'm seeing Dr. B. every 3 weeks (and that will only increase to every 2 weeks in the middle of the second trimester), I wonder if it is even worth it.  Thoughts?


All in all, doing well!  Less than a week and a half until we hit the second trimester and T-2 days until my next appointment with Dr. B.!

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Michelle said...

I got that sonaline doppler, I think $60 is nothing for piece of mind. Especially because I'm a worry wort and when I'm worried, I want to know right away, not in half hour or the next morning when I can get to see the doctor. I want to know right away. It's so easy to use, picks it up really early too if you know what you're looking for. Good luck! And congrats again!