Thursday, January 3, 2013


2 more weeks until the 2nd trimester hits!  (and 1 more week til I see Dr. B- and the baby- again).

I had another morning run today, this one for just 2 miles.  It was cold!  My cold weather gear is starting to feel snug in the belly section.  I hope it will last until spring because that stuff is too pricey to buy for a month of wear!  I may end up wearing six shirts and four pants instead of buying more stuff if the belly continues to expand while nothing else does.

On the symptom front, havent puked since Tuesday.  Didnt take a Zofran yesterday but had to take one this morning after making breakfast for the kids (the smell made me want to hurl).  Started taking Colace yesterday, too.  The iron loving prenatal plus the Zofran is equalling not-so-much-fun in the potty.  So, we'll see.  Another first in pregnancy!  Still nauseous on a regular basis, but thankfully not to the point of throwing up, so I'll take it.  Tired to the point that I fall asleep on the couch after dinner, although I did make it to bed a little after 9pm last night (poor Peter is doing the bedtime ritual all alone and has been for weeks!).  Waking up around 4am (in addition to every 2-3 hours to pee), and can't go back to sleep.  Finding it hard to get comfy.   So, all in all, typical first trimester stuff.

In later news (that I'm refusing to obsess about... Refusing, refusing, refusing...), I have a feeling that I may enter the nutcase stage around 18 weeks.  I know that 16w-20w will be especially hard but add to that the fact that my MIL is having surgery on both knees when I'm 17w4d and will be out of commission for at least 2 weeks (and up to 6 weeks, it all depends on how she recovers) PLUS that Peter has to go to Holland for work between 18w and 19w, and I'm feeling the stress already.  I'm pushing it away and refusing to dwell on it, but when it comes to mind, all I can think of is that this is THE problem time for me and the 2 main tiers of my support network on gone.  Will I be able to give the kids a bath and lift them for a hug?  Will I go into labor and have no one with me?  I keep telling myself that positive thinking is all I can do (hence it is what I'm focusing on whenever the negative fears come) and that I will make a plan, which is the best case scenario for the worst case scenario.  For the days that Peter is gone, I'm going to ask Sarah if she minds spending the night (in case something happens overnight, so I dont have to worry about the kids) and for the days he's gone, I'm going to email our neighbors with an FYI and see if they mind being back-up in case I need to get the hospital quickly and need someone to watch the kids.  It's not me so much that I'm worried for, as Bobby and Maya.  I need to know that they are okay, and that they will be okay if I'm not for some reason.  So, shoot up a prayer for us, would you?  That my MIL's surgery will go well, that Peter's business trip will go well, and that Dr. H is right and my pregnancy will be absolutely textbook with no problems!

I am getting ready to leave for an appointment with my GP.  I've had an earache for the last 2 weeks.  For the most part, there's no pain, but there's still a sense of being clogged and unable to hear well, or of having everything amplified.  Fun times.

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Brigid said...

I will shoot up a prayer for you! But I doubt Sarah would mind having extra time around the house w/ you and the kids.

I can't believe you're running in this freezing-ness! I'm actually really jealous. Send some motivation my way!