Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Ending down the 14th week with a bang... or Chef Boyardee.  Yeah, that's more precise.  PB&J and canned pasta.  The first, not so bad (super crunch, French apricot preserves, locally baked bread); the second, gross.  Canned pasta?  Unless it was on sale, I never even remember eating that as a kid.  Today?  2 cans... One at 3:45am, another just a short while ago.

Baby H, you are taking me down some funky food road!  You dont want lamb chops (Wwwaaaaa!!!!) but you want canned godknowswhat ravioli...  I mean, I could make ravioli, but no... That does not fill the brief.  It MUST be CHEF BOYARDEE.  Which meant, I paid 12 cents more a can for 10 cans.  (And it's gross, but man is it exactly what I've wanted today, so that makes it delicious.)

I still cant believe the difference in pregnancies.  I'm still running, still doing yoga, still doing housework.  I'm tired (all the time, but especially the late afternoons/evenings), and yet, I wake up at some awful early hour (usually somewhere in the 2 or 3 am hours), having to eat, and then toss and turn on the couch (because I cant get comfy in my bed).  It's so strange.  I spent so much of Bobby and Maya's pregnancy in my bed and now, I'm relegated to the living room couch because the bed just doesnt feel right. 

And the whole "Zen" thing is starting to freak me out.  I mean, at some point, I'm going to crack, right?  Whether around Nicholas and Sophia's birthdays, or at the 15w5d/17w/18w marks of this pregnancy, or while Peter is in Holland... Something has got to give.  But now?

Oh, you are having a bit of pressure?  Normal... Have a drink of tea.
Let's go run a few miles! (Okay, honestly, it's down to jogging, but I'm still out there.)
Sure, let's play "Toss the 40 Pound Preschooler in the Air!". 
Why yes I can balance Maya on a hip and carry a full basket of laundry through the house.
An extra bloodtest? Dont mind if I do...  Here's my arm.
Oh, you need to extend your trip to Holland for a day?  Sure thing.

I mean, come on.  At some point, the whole "Zen" thing is going to fly away... Or not.  There is such a peace, such a "whatever will be, will be", that I cannot put my finger on it.  Nothing, pregnancy wise, seems to really phase me.  I have my moments with other things, but this seems to be just... I dont know... the way it is

Very strange, especially for me.  As Peter said when I commented on it last night, "It's not like you couldn't use a little more Zen in your life."

True that... 

On another note, we see Dr. B. tomorrow, and, fingers crossed, there will be a gender known by the time I blog again!  So- are you on Team Peter (baby boy) or Team Maya (baby girl).  Bobby and I are on "Team It's-A-Baby" because we have no clue. :)


Anonymous said...

I'll join you and Bobby! Looking forward to the next update.

MrsSpock said...

I think -boy!

Chef Boyardee = nast-ee!

Paula said...

I ate Chef Boyardee as a kid (must have been between my mom's periodic health kicks). Haven't touched it in many, many years. When I was pregnant with Jason, I lived on Papa Ginos pizza and Boston Market's mashed potatoes. I actually had both pizza and mashed potatoes today for the first time I think since I had Jason. Pizza wasn't planned but it was the only place that delivered and I couldn't leave my classroom due to a tantruming child; mashed potatoes were part of an ELA lesson.

Paula said...

I ate Chef Boyardee as a kid (must have been between my mom's periodic health kicks). Haven't touched it in years. When I was pregnant with Jason, I lived on Papa Gino's pizza and mashed potatoes usually from Boston Market. I had both today for the first time in years (have eaten both separately but not in the same day since having Jason). Pizza wasn't planned but PG's is the only delivery and I couldn't leave my classroom because of a tantruming child and the mashed potatoes were part of an ELA lesson.

A simple being said...

girl most surely a girl..lol cause look how demanding this lil one already is...most surely a girl...and well you have mentioned youhave a small amount of your sanity left and we both know that god has a sense of humor so im sure your being sent a lil girl and you can just wipe sanity right of your resume...i have all girls and seriously once there was two...oh my i just dont want to spoil the suprise for you. good luck excited to see

cheryllookingforward said...

I could totally eat some canned pasta right now, too. That sounds great.

I can't wait to hear how it goes today! I'm also on team It's A Baby!!

Anonymous said...

I have felt girl for some time. I know what you have been through and I am just watching your miracle unfold and I have to say I'm loving it! Team Maya. And I was a Prayer warrior for the tweeps when you were pregnant. Just got back on line about 4 mos ago. Thanks for such a great welcome back to the internet. Kandi Ann