Saturday, September 19, 2009

NICU Day 9

I just had to log on for an update, even though I am about to fall over I am so tired. (Today, we decided no nap in the afternoon and to try and have a full day to mimic getting back into a routine.)

So... If last night was the worst of times, today was the best of times. We loved, no LOVED, all three of our nurses. This morning, there were 2 working in tandem and they were both just wonderful. Then tonight, another wonderful nurse. All of them were marvelous with the babies, whether they were intervening with them or just talking to them. You could see how much they cared for them during their monitoring and care. And they all were more than happy to include us in the things that we could do. It was great. Just great. And, as one commenter said, the nurses you dont particularly care for are the exception not the rule. I would say the majority of those we've encountered have been wonderful and that seems to be the rule. Last night, I think we just ran into someone who wasnt on the ball or was just overwhelmed. Which isnt an excuse in my book, but at least, if that was the case, hopefully she wont be reassigned to any children that need excessive care and they can keep her with healthier babies, for whom she might do better. We shall see. (Of course, deep down, I'm hoping she isnt our nurse again!)

Someone mentioned the pumping room for gossip... I've got to say- I've never run into another mom in there! Once, as I was going in, a mom and dad were leaving, but otherwise... It's a ghost town! There are two rooms and I've always been either alone or it's just been Peter and I in our little covered area...

So... On to tonight! Well, as of this morning, Maya has hit her birth weight (2lb5oz) and Bobby is only 3oz shy of his at 2lb10oz! Her feedings are now up to 12ml each and his are at 9ml each. She is doing better with her diapers but they think that once he goes to his tummy, he will do much better. (She's dirtying just about every one, whereas he is good to do 2 poo's a day). She is now completely off the lights! And they think they may take her IV/PICC out soon! They said they most likely will stop the lipids and electrolytes tomorrow and leave the IV in just to make sure they dont need it and then take it out in 2-3 days. WOO HOO!!! He is due to have his tummy line out by Thursday (which will mean some belly time!)

But the best news... Tonight when I held Bobby (Peter held Maya), we did non-nutrative nursing. For those that dont know what this is (and I confess, I didnt know until after they were born), this is where you give your baby your breast without the goal of feeding them. You express a little milk then bring them to your breast and go from there. It was just wonderful. I expressed while he was feeding and he licked, then began to suckle! It took him a bit to get his mouth around the nipple, but once he had, he wasnt letting go! After he fell asleep, I tried to move my breast (because, let's face it- it's bigger than his head!) and he opened his eyes, relatched, and then relaxed again, one little hand resting by his head. I held him in a cradle position like this for 45 minutes, then for the last 15 minutes moved him to the center of my chest, before we put him back in his isolette. I'll try this with Maya tomorrow.

It was just wonderful. I'm still on a high from it, even though I am so tired I know I will fall asleep as soon as I close the computer and take off the pumping apparatus.

Thank you for all the emails. I'm so far behind in answering them. I havent even opened most of them. Save opening the NICU emails each morning, I've been trying to catch up with blogs during the morning pumping before the hospital and then logging in at night after the hospital to give an update. I promise- I will get around to emails! And, for those IRL folks, I will, at some point, return phone calls. My phone is perpetually on no sound because of the NICU rules and I forget to turn it on, so it is late when I get messages. So sorry! I'm usually a much better responder!


Busted Tube said...

Oh how fantastic! I'm so glad today was so good and it sounds like your little ones are doing really, really well! I hope you and Peter are feeling well and taking care of yourselves too!

djsmom2007 said...

continue to Praise God for each step, each milestone in their lives and yours!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Michele, you have experienced the best of the best. Breast feeding is absolutely the most wonderful feeling. Oh how I wish I could go back to the middle of the night feedings with my children. Those are the best moments, one on one in the middle of the night. I am so happy that you had that today with Bobby. I pray tomorrow will be just beautiful with Maya. I am so very happy for you and Peter.
Take care, get some rest and may God bless each of you.

Catherine W said...

Yay for non-nutrative nursing. It is the most amazing feeling isn't it. And they are doing so well with their feeding, nearly back to their birth weights. :)

The pumping room is usually a good place to have a gossip. Some weeks I used to find I hardly saw anyone else in there, others it was jammed. Hopefully you'll bump into some other mamas sooner or later.

I wanted to comment yesterday but my computer wasn't cooperating. Just wanted to pass on my sympathy with regards to the nurse you didn't feel comfortable about. I completely trusted all of J's nurses with regards to her medical care. But there were some that would let you as the parents be more involved than others. There was one nurse in particular that made me feel I was doing something wrong everytime I so much as looked in the incubator. Eventually, if she was looking after J that day, I just went home. No fun to drive over a hundred mile round trip for nothing but she used to dent my confidence to such an extent it simply wasn't worth staying. I would be tears for hours every single time this particular person was involved. Strange when all the other nurses would go to great lengths to make you feel involved and most understood my need to sit there for hours looking in the incubator! Not touching or interferring or even talking to her, I just needed to be there. I guess it's annoying to have someone else watching you work all the time but J was my baby and I felt awful just trying to get on with my life whilst she was in hospital. Well, I couldn't.

It is inevitable that there will be personalities that clash when there are so many people involved and emotions run so high. Just keep remembering that Bobby and Maya are YOUR children, they are part of YOUR family and you and Peter are their parents. They might need the hospital's care for this period of their lives but it will be a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of time they will spend in your care. Hang on in there! Sorry about the long comment, I obviously still need to vent about this lady! xo

Krystal said...

I am just in tears with how well them seem to be doing!
How beautiful that Bobby suckle! I love the word "suckle" it's just a really cute word!
Im so very happy for you Mama!
May you 4 always have the love that you are being now!
I love you (and I dont even know you in real life, is that weird?)
Much love,

Alex said...

Wow such wonderful uplifting news :) I hope things keep going along so well and the NICU time is a distant memory soon :)

Tash said...

So far, so good Michele -- it sounds like you're all doing great. I'm with ya on the nurse(s) -- probably an exception. I think they also can get a bit pissy at each other if someone comes along and does something that they have to undo or do differently, and sometimes it seems as if they're taking this out on the baby(ies) or parents when I'm fairly sure they don't mean to.

Love reading your updates!

sprogblogger said...

I don't think I can express how happy I am that your babies are doing so very well. May you all have many more great days, and then get them home asap! You're all in my thoughts.

Neaneah said...

hello Michele and Peter I had to do a lot of reading to catch up I never had your link to your blog so it's been nice to see how we got to this point Bobby and Maya are so strong I always read girls do better than boys but Bobby's really holding his own they look great

Carrie said...

What a wonderful day (save the exhaustion, of course)! I have been following your blog since you were about 4 mos. pregnant, and have been thrilled to read each morning about how well these miracles continue to thrive and grow and make you and your husband beam with joy (can't really see the beam in your face, but can see it through your words!). I pray for your two each night!

Kandi Ann said...

The weights, the nursing, the tears of joy! I am so happy to get this update. Your little man rocked it. Go baby Hoover!

Now.. For my unknowinness. here is my Tweet I just posted, cause I really don't understand it. God placed these babies with you because he knows you will take great care of these little double miracles. Little nose kisses to both of them and hugs for you and Papa.

My tweet..

YAY My friends baby boy Bobby did "Non Nutritive" feeding last night. Sorry but he nursed and if he ingested, doesn't that mean nutrition in?

I am sorry I don't understand. If he didn't latch then non makes since but Mama, baby is a hoover. hrm. Things to ponder. Enjoy your new schedule. xoxo, Kandi Ann

Kandi Ann said...

Hugs to Catherine W. Your story breaks my heart. So sorry you had to go through that. God Bless you, and Michele and Peter and twinks for sharing their wonderful family with the world. xoox, Kandi

m said...

oh my gosh, wonderful news. Of course you are still on a high from it! What a perfect moment. Now go get some rest. :)

Ruth said...

How special to have that time with Bobby.

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

What an enormous blessing. I am sure it will go just as well with Maya today!

A n T said...

Michele that is freaking awesome! I am over the moon with how wonderful thet are doing!

A. said...

I understand your feelings about the nurse. Last summer when my mom was in the hospital, I LOVED all of her ICU nurses except one. She was nice, but didn't seem to pay as much attention. She didn't answer calls for a few minutes (and this was on a neurosurgery ICU unit...minutes was like hours) didn't chart in time, throwing the whole day off, would just stand around and not pay attention to much at all.

She seemed nice enough, and she said she had been there for a year, so I guess she was doing something right, she just made me so uncomfortable. I told the NP that it was nothing huge or personal, but that I'd appreciate if she was not on my mom's care anymore, and she said she'd arrange it.

Also, superficially, she was the only nurse on that superbusy floor that was always in full makeup, jewelry and ever wore wedge shoes. I know that's just really petty, but if everyone else was caring more for others and running ragged, and she always looked like a million bucks...?????

Anyway, I rambled. I'm thrilled for the babies, and I cannot IMAGINE how high you and Peter are flying. Best wishes to all.

Bluebird said...

Beautiful. And incredible. I'm so overwhelmed for you.