Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy 2w Birthday! (NICU Day 14)

I know that I was caught off guard by their first week on earth but I think I'm still in shock! 2 weeks... Surely it hasnt been that long... Yet it has. And they were more beautiful today than yesterday and the day before and the day...

I liked their nurse this morning. She was a chatty cathy but was really sweet and gentle with the babies. She actually brought up the canula issue and asked if it had been discussed with us. I said yes and that it seemed to be an issue where nurses didnt agree. She knodded and said that she wouldnt have put it in but that the a.m. nurse yesterday was uncomfortable working with the twins without it. They had an episode a piece while I was there, which was their pre-canula normal. We'll see where this continues to go... I wish we'd seen one of our standard nurses or NPs. I'd feel better talking to someone that we see on a regular basis.

I had a good care session with them this morning. Bobby will actually hit full feed tonight/tomorrow early morning and 1 calorie fortifier will be added to his milk. Maya will be moving to 2 calorie fortifier. Both had lightly dirty diapers but the nurse moved them to the next preemie size diaper! Yay! It was a little hard to get used to the new size because these are now biggish on them (but the others werent closing well anymore, so this is a good change). I did Maya's and recognized how bad it was. The nurse was really sweet and adjusted it and gave me some tips. Bobby's was a much better diaper.

Some questions from comments and emails... You guys are so sweet to worry about me. I received about half a dozen emails and a comment or two inquiring on my driving 2w after my c-section. Most were from buddies across the pond, in one sense or another. It looks like in parts of Europe and in Australia, you ladies get between 4 and 6 weeks off of driving. Here, it is 2 weeks. (Most people I know are also out of the hospital in 2 days; I got funny looks when I said that I was there for 4 days post surgery. Insane, I know.) And a cute comment from Sophie about Peter's chest hair. Yes, he is my little gorilla! The babies seem to love it. Maya grabs on to it as soon as she is on his chest and wont let go (to the extreme that sometimes she pulls hair out when she is being placed back in her isolette). Bobby seems to get a kick out of taking his hand and bringing hair towards his face, especially his mouth. He will watch me, watch him, and I will move the hair, and then he'll wait a second and do it again!

Well, I'm finishing up at the moo-station so that we can get on the road... Time to hold our sweet ones! (updated pics)


Sophie said...

Lol, that's so funny. I don't think my husband would be brave enough to go barechested (even though kangeroo care is so lovely)as he is a big wuss and wouldn't handle the pain.

Would love to see a pic of Peter's face when Maya wont let go. My husband thinks I'm a sadist... Lol.

ME! said...

OMG- Bobby totally looks like he is smiling in today's pictures! They are looking like little chunky monkeys! YEAH! I am so excited they are doing so well.

PS...I thought Peter's hairy chest was funny too- I didn't know what they were laying on at first. :)

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

What a wonderful day - you deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2 weeks and bigger diapers!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Always a pleasure to hear about Bobby & Maya. Back in '79 I had to be in the hospital for 8 days and then it was at least 4 weeks before I could drive. I actually felt really great after two weeks and even started to vacuum. Thanks for the update and have a great evening with your babies.

B said...

Hey there - Looks like things are going beautifully. Seeing you hold them together reminds me how small they still are. In my head they are big and strong.

I wrote a comment on your post on guilt but it didn't publish for some reason.

All I wanted to say is that you've had more than your fair share of sorrow. Much more. But thanks for your thoughts - if it is not too presumptious to include myself in the people you are thinking of when you had those feelings.

take care


Lynda said...

Happy two weeks precious little ones!