Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy 19m Birthday, Sophia

Happy Birthday, my sweet Sophia! My little princess... My oldest daughter.

Tonight, after your daddy made your special meal which we shared with Aunt Sarah, we went to the NICU to see your baby brother and sister. As I held your sister and looked into her eyes, I saw you there, a part of her, staring back... And, in the reflection of me, I saw you... And in that of your father, I saw you... You were there with us and we were able to celebrate you in a new way, with your siblings on the outside. Your daddy and I talked quite a bit about you today and how special you are, how you are our sweet girl. How much we love you.

Your grandma picked out lockets for a new necklace. She had one with your daddy and Uncle Robert and one for her and your grandpa. She had a necklace designed that had those two lockets plus three others: one for daddy and I, one for you guys, and one for Bobby and Maya. Your locket is so special. On the cover, she had 3 sets of footprints engraved, one for each of your miscarried siblings. Inside, there are 4 tabs: the first has a photo of Nicholas, the second a photo of you, the fourth a photo of Alexander. On the third tab, it lists your names and birthdays. I love the pictures she selected. You are all so beautiful. Today, Barbara, the NICU nurse, asked her about them, and she proudly opened each locket and explained the images. Opening yours, she told your birth story in the special way that only a grandmother can express, and Barbara commented on how beautiful you all were. It was a wonderful thing for a mother to overhear... Especially on her beautiful daughter's birthday.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl, my precious Sophia. Daddy and I love you so very much.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday Sophia.
What a beautiful post.

The necklace sound lovely.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sophia!! The necklaces sound like a beautiful tribute to your babies. :)

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

Happy birthday to a sweet little angel. I hope you feel her presence today as you spend time with her siblings.