Thursday, September 24, 2009

NICU Day 14 part 2

We had a nice visit tonight. We took them both at the same time and sat next to each other. Peter held Maya.
And I held Bobby, who decided he was up for nursing again.

He was quite the champ (even though my breast is bigger than his head!). We'll do Maya tomorrow (if she's up for it!).

Tomorrow night will be a big deal because it is their first baths! And our favorite nurse, Carrie, will be there, so that makes it even better. She was there tonight and told us that the consensus was that the babies should be taken off the canulas. (I got there late because I was parking, so Peter was already talking to her when I came in, but I just heard that she wouldnt have done it and that they will begin weaning them off the pressure tomorrow.)

So many people talk about a lack of kindness in the world, but I am just so overwhelmed by the love and compassion of people I've never met. I've made a dear friend in a woman whose twins are with Nicholas, Sophia, and Alexander. She is an IC and cerclage mommy too, and is currently expecting (with a cerclage in place). We met online due to our similar circumstances and email regularly. A package just arrived from her with two beautiful outfits and blankets and four burp clothes (which my pics didnt come out well of).

If the babies are too small for the outfits at Christmas time, we hope to put them in them for Easter. The pictures dont do them justice. They are really breathtaking. Delicate and perfect, just like Bobby and Maya. Maya's dress has the most adorable little pink bloomers that match. Both Peter and I were overwhelmed by the package. She had them sent from Puerto Rico, which makes them extra special (since Peter's maternal heritage is Puerto Rican). Thank you, A. You are too kind.


MFA Mama said...

Oh my, Maya really does have just the most beautiful golden hair ever! And GO BOBBY! Super-preemie FTW! He doesn't look very intimidated :) I'm so happy they're doing so well.

Busted Tube said...

How wonderful that you're surrounded by such kindness- though not surprising as you always give so much kindness and support to others!
Beautiful treasures you received for your growing babies!

ME! said...

That is awesome that they are trying to BF!! YEAH! I am so happy they are doing well. The gifts you got from A are beautiful!! I agree, there is a lot of kindness it the world. The world of IF is such a unique bond of caring. I never cease to be amazed at the connections that I see. :)

Sometimes the people that hear gripping the loudest are the ones that are not putting out their kindness for the world/strangers.

Question- how do you pronounce Sophia's first name? Gaea? What is the origin. It is seems like it would sound beautiful!

BTW- I love your tributes to Bobby and Maya's siblings. I love how you are always remembering them and honoring them. You are such an inspiration to me- you are very strong.


Reba said...

aww, i love the pictures of the babies! and those outfits are beautiful. speaking of packages, i have something little to send you as well--can you email me your address sometime? :)

djsmom2007 said...

Okay, I check on you everyday. Yet somehow I didn't see the last 3 posts until this morning! Great news! God is amazing! The gifts for the babies are amazing as well.

Leah said...

What beautiful outfits. They really are breathtaking. I love random acts of kindness. And you deserve to have them bestowed upon you. :-D

Bluebird said...

Beautiful. The babies, the outfits - everything.

Carrie said...

Keep growing and eating and breathing, gorgeous and strong babies! :) You are wonderfully devoted parents. Such a loving family to be born into!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy to hear you had a good evening and that they will be taken off the canulas. The outfits are beautiful, how sweet. They are home made, right? Looking forward to some bath pictures.

Anonymous said...

the lace alone is beautiful!
First Bath! Wow!
My friend with preemie twins, whos isn't all that busty, even when breastfeeding twins, had the same 'boob bigger than the head' thing.
What georgeous golden hair!

Heather said...

Oh I love those outfits! They are gorgeous!