Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm Dreaming Of...

What do you dream of?

Ever since I finished painting the nursery (and, um, then went a bit crazy and painted the half-bathroom too...), I've been dreaming of painting all the rooms in the house: bedrooms, living room, bathroom (okay, in my defense, the main level's full bathroom NEEDS a serious do-over, like really), kitchen...  I just want to have some idea of "This would be perfect for Xroom" and be able to put it all together.  As it is, with the aforementioned half-bath, I'm trying to figure out what to do now that I've painted it.  Get a cabinet?  Rehang the old fixtures?  Take the time to find some nice ones that match?  Fashionista and designer, I am not.  I'm convinced the nursery colors look so nice because Maya picked them out!  I'm the child of artists, but I didn't inherit any ability to design.  (A close look at the chair rail, baseboards, and ceiling of the nursery can prove my painting skills or lack thereof...)

And I have absolutely no skill whatsoever when it comes to crafting things... I actually wrote an article for a magazine entitled, "I'm Not Crafty" years ago, which addressed just how un-crafty a girl can be.  Holidays that use craftiness tend to fall on deaf ears (well, useless fingers, I guess).  I can dye eggs for our Equinox egg hunt (canceled this year, due my getting over a cold), but could I make Silk Tie Dyed Eggs?  No...(and honestly, I dont like crafting so I wouldnt really want to... I know... awful).  But, knowing how crafty you guys are, I bet you could!

That being said, with my new desire to put my mark on the house (and only 2+ years since we bought it!),  I am finding the ideas for dressing up and recreating old furniture (like this table or this cabinet) interesting.  I prefer my furniture au natural, but I like the idea of distressing and creating something new.  Years ago, I stripped a cedar chest and returned it to its natural glory.  Took freaking forever and I both loved and hated every second of it.  (And the smell- UGH!)  But I still look at it and think "Wow... I did that!"  Sort of like looking at the nursery walls.  (And the half-bath...)

Deneen, the woman who writes Dreaming-n-Color, is one of my mom's best and oldest friends (they met in high school) and I'm amazed by the things she does with old, saved-from-the-trash finds.  Since my mom is quite handy with gardening and working with her hands, it's no wonder they have things in common!  While I might just stick to cooking and baking as my "crafts" of choice, I do love a good rags-to-riches tale... which I suppose is what happens to these shabby chic items!


Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Thank you for such a sweet article! You know I love all of you guys!

Tina said...

I wish we lived closer, I would love to introduce you to the fun of painting furniture. I could also help you with the other little decorating things, it is my "hobby".