Saturday, March 16, 2013

Daddy's Little Princess

As I wrote the check, my fingers shook.  I'll admit it... I'm just not ready.  I'm still trapped in the days of wordy onesies and making babies coo and (even) changing stinky diapers.  Writing a check for Maya's first Father/Daughter Dance at school isn't something I was prepared to do.

Princess that she is, she's already decided she'll wear her princess-like Easter dress (a gorgeous handmedown from her cousin, J, that I've been DYING to get her in since J's mom sent it last year!) with her handmade pink sweater.  Girl has a plan!  She talks about it constantly (or at least everytime she remembers!), telling me that she will dress up and Daddy will dress up and they will go in the green car (what she call's Peter's Subaru; Bobby, funny enough, calls it the Subaru) for the Daddy/Princess Ball and they will dance and... it goes on and on and on.  (I hope Peter knows what he's in for!).  Regardless, 3 weeks from today, he will learn!

First it's a Christening... then the first Father/Daughter Dance.  Before I know it, I'll be sending out First Communion and Confirmation invitations, before picking out my dress before her wedding.  Where has the time gone?  How did my pipsqueak of a baby girl become a three and a half year old?

(Of course, princess that she is, what does she choose to wear every single time it is clean and hanging in her closet- regardless of if she wore it the day before?
"Go Eli!"  regardless of whether it is football season or not!
That's right... Her Giants shirt.  Princess indeed!)

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Paula said...

Jess and Mike will be going to her school's daddy/daughter dance Friday night. The preschool she went to and the kindergarten in the next town she went to last year didn't have that event. I can't wait to get pics of Jess and Mike dressed up. Can't wait to see a pic of Maya and Peter.