Thursday, March 28, 2013


Wow... 23 weeks.  1 week shy of the "big" 24 week mark, when, on average, 50% of babies born can survive (after a tough NICU stay, of course).  If Michael were born today, he'd have a 10-35% chance at survival; another site, lists roughly a 17% chance. Of course, so much depends on being delivered with a level III NICU staff on standby, gestational weight, and whether or not lung developing steroid injections were received prior to delivery.  Clearly, a 23 week delivery is nothing that any parent wants to consider.  But, that being said, it is absolutely amazing to me that we are at this point.  I am actually, finally, within the realm of possibility of this baby being born and coming home with me.  That's just mind boggling.  (Note to Michael: stay put for 14w6d and don't even think of coming earlier, regardless of what Maya is begging you to do!)

23 weeks
(I'm happy to report that I finally cleaned by bathroom mirror.... Can't you tell!)

Speaking of Miss Maya, on Tuesday, she curled up in my nursery chair and covered herself up with the crib blanket, informing me that she was waiting until Michael arrived.  When I reminded her that Michael wouldn't be coming for another 15 weeks or so and that she'd have to wait until July, she gave me that intense, "I want my way" stare and asked if she could go in and get him.  Just for a bit, of course; she'd put him back in time for the doctor to get him in July.  Yeah... sorry... no.

Waiting for her baby brother
All is well on the homefront.  Still active, still feeling great.  Finally (pretty much) fixed the downstairs playroom (hoping to try it out on Monday morning with the playgroup folks).  Nursery is pretty much done (a post with pics coming soon).  I'm getting excited for vacation in April (as are the kiddos).  And life is, well, pretty much normal.  Not what I ever would have expected for 23 weeks pregnant, but I'm totally not complaining!  I can't believe that we are less than 4 months away from a full term delivery... less than 5 weeks from when Bobby and Maya were born... and within that realm of "he-could-be-okay". 

Mind boggling...


Fran said...

You look super!! Every milestone for you has even a more important meaning giving all you have been through. And you feel great, cervix is now cured for good and you have nothing to worry about! Imagine the size of a baby at full term (or very close anyway), I'd say you won't believe your eyes! Much love, Fran

Hillary said...

Congrats on making it so far! I remember practically stalking different websites when I was pregnant with Griffin just trying to find the highest percentiles of survival rates based on gestation. Almost 100% of my IRL friends thought I was nuts. I think I was right around where you are now with Michael that my cervix started its "old tricks" again and I went to the hospital for a couple of days (and a couple of steroid shots...). I asked my MFM about survival and all the stats I had seen online and you should have seen her face! She gave me the "evil eye" (in a very sweet way) and said "do not even think about having him before 25 weeks!). Her tone and I guess her experience suggested that the 24 weeks stuff was crap. I was just sick to my stomach (and heart) until I hit 25 weeks after that conversation. As you know, Griffin had a spectacular outcome and I just know that Michael will too!!


Amy said...