Thursday, March 14, 2013


And so the countdown continues...  16w6d until delivery day.  4 months.  4 short months until this little guy will be in my arms.  And I really do believe that we will hold out until our summer baby. 

This week has been a big one, from an emotional standpoint.  Although my 20w ultrasound went great (and the baby was estimated to weigh 350g, or about 12.5oz, which is normal (average is 331g or 11oz); length of body and bones were also deemed perfect for gestational age), it was at 20w5d when I went into the hospital with Bobby and Maya (my 20w u/s with them was later, obviously).  As Tuesday came and went, my mind was constantly there: 20w5d... 20w5d... 20w5d.... Would that be the day?  Even though I was fine 5 days before, would we get through this unscathed?

As the day wore on and I felt the same as I have for weeks, the last weight of the next few months was lifted, and when I woke up yesterday, at 20w6d, ready for my appointment, I felt light and easy.  I knew the appointment would be fine- to the point that I told Dr. B. that I was fine without an ultrasound!  (He didn't buy that...  He had the 20w report, but said he still wants to make sure we miss absolutely nothing.)  We've crossed the next to last milestone of pregnancy; once we hit 27w5d, there will be nothing left for me to compare this pregnancy to.  It will be completely uncharted territory. 


We joked at my appointment yesterday, and it was very lighthearted.  Dr. B. said he's not worried about my weight gain and that, as long as my 1 hour sugar challenge comes back normal, he told me to gain as much as the baby wants (so long as I'm still staying active).  Regardless of how little or much I gain, he said he thinks that my being active will pay off and I'll drop the weight easily.  Not what I expected to hear!  I also was shocked when he looked at my cervix and said "I'm really liking this cerclage."  Although he was supportive of us from the start, he felt that the TAC wouldn't really give us much more support than a Shirodkar TVC.  I think that, seeing how easily this pregnancy is going, that I've had no bedrest at all, and that my cervix is holding without issue (and with a lot of activity), he's impressed with it.  I'm happy about that.  While a TAC isn't needed for everyone and, in his experience, he's only had 2 TVCs not work (mine among them), I'm glad he's seeing this work out well so that he can recommend to patients who need it.

Going forward, it looks like there's not a need for steroid shots at 24w.  (WOO HOO!)  If I start to go into preterm labor for some reason, he feels that we'd have time to get the shots since my cervix would hold and they could use stronger tocolytics to buy us time, but he honestly doesnt think we're going to need to troubleshoot that.  So, other than the P17 shots each week (#6 of 20 tomorrow!), we're good! (and my butt is thankful for that!).

Other than my continuing love of cereal, things are pretty stagnant.  The whole cereal and milk thing... So weird.  One day, I'm working through a box of Mini-Wheats; the next day, Lucky Charms (they are magically delicious) :).  For someone who isn't really a cereal person (and definitely not a sugary cereal person) , I watch myself with funny awe.  Not to mention cow's milk!  If I eat cereal, it's with almond milk.  Not now!  I need to hit the farm store twice a week to keep up with my milk habit! :)  And, in spite of weight gain (about 1-2 pounds every 3 weeks or so), it's pretty much keeping itself in the belly area.

In house news, we had our carpets stripped.  We took the plunge and had the bedrooms and hallway done in laminate and the living room recarpeted.  It all looks nice.  We're happy with it.  We've also prepared the kids that their playroom is moving downstairs and that the playroom will become Michael's bedroom (until he's old enough to share Bobby's room, at which time, Maya will move into that bedroom).  We're arranging things downstairs, and cleaning out the nursery and, as soon as that is done, we'll paint.  (Thanks, Aunt Sarah, for offering to be my painting buddy).  I took down posters and washed walls yesterday; I still have a fair amount to clean out (which I'll be doing shortly) and then need to clean the closet and one of the smaller walls (that I didnt get to yesterday).  Once that's done, it's paint buying time!  We're hoping to get the nursery finished as I finish out the 2nd trimester.  No rush; we've got time.  Part of it is that we want to make sure the kids have enough time to get used to the idea, and part of it is the realness of having it done.  I can't believe we're actually at this stage though!  Still early, but getting there!

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Fran said...

Milestones after milestones you'll get to have your summer baby! Everything is going just as it should be, I'm so pleased for you, and I look forward to the next milestone!
Love, Fran