Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Bottled Up Day

If I could bottle up this day and keep it forever, I totally would.  It's been one of those days, in such an awesome sense of the word.

We planned to go the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa today.  Since Maya picked out the paint for Michael's room, we told Bobby he could pick out the crib cross.  So, after breakfast, we headed out.  First, we stopped by the candle chapel, where both wanted to do candles, so we did (red and blue) and both prayed. Then Maya asked me to pray another prayer, so I prayed for all the kids. Then we went to the religious store. Bobby really liked a very heavy wooden cross but it was more of a house cross than a room/kid one, so I showed him the crib cross area. The cutest thing happened. There were 2 types. One package had a guardian angel circlet for the wall and a silver crib cross.  Then there were ones that just had the circlet. You could get either with blue, pink, or white. Well, for Michael, he picks up the dual pack in white.

Okay, no problem there. Then he picks up one of the blue circlets and says "Maya" and gives it to her. I was going to say "No", but then she takes it and says "Thank you, Bobby. I love you." He says, with a smile. "Love" then picks up a pink circlet and looks and me, then says, "Bobby?" with the inflection of a question.  Sort of like, "I picked one for Michael and just couldn't leave out Maya... Do you think I could have one too?"  It was written all over his face.  I think if I'd said No, he would have been sad but more because Maya loved hers.  I caved (clearly).  How do you say no to your kids at the Catholic bookstore?

The woman at the register was so nice, too. I expected something like "Oh pink for the girl, blue for the boy" (which is somethign we are constantly going through since Maya loves blue and Bobby loves red, or pink if he cant find red) but when Maya brought hers up, she asked, "Is this for you?" and when Maya said yes, she said, "Is blue your favorite color?" So Maya tells her yes and that Bobby's favorite color is red but they didnt have red. So when Bobby gives her the pink one, she says, "Oh pink! That's almost red. I'm sorry we dont have a red one." Bobby just smiled and was happy to have his back. It was adorable. So sweet. Brotherly love, thy name is Bobby. He was on top of the world to pick out Michael's and to give Maya something. My heart overflows.

Afterwards, we stopped by our local orchard shop (which is also a combo bake shop and cafe) for their snack (cookies) and mine (coffee!).  So much fun and just an enjoyable visit.  Afterwards, we came home and I asked the kids if they wanted to try out the new playroom.  Clearly, this was a yes!

We decided, sadly (and this was really my choice... Peter didn't push it and even tried to give alternatives to keep the studio) that, from a space perspective, it made more sense to convert the studio back to the playroom of our original living here.  The kids have so many things, we host playgroups, and honestly, with a new baby, if I'm teaching it wont be at home, it will be at an offsite studio.  So, I opted to list the things I didnt want sitting around (mats, blocks, straps) on Craigslist (and think I may have a buyer!) so I'm not losing the money I spent on those (they are only a year old) and I boxed up the other items that I'd never dream of getting rid of, then Peter helped me move things out of storage, we moved the pool table, and, over nap times, I've organized while bringing nursery things upstairs (that will be another post...  it's almost done!).  While there are still things to do (we need to get an integrated toilet seat to make the potty easier for kiddos), a lot is done (as far as toys coming out, Peter putting lockable handles on all the doors, gating off the bar, etc) and it is okay for kids to be down here.  So, without further ado...

I have laid out it (although, right now it is a disaster, so you'd never know it!  They've had fun the last hour and a half!!) in 'centers' so that, eventaully, we can work on the kids keeping certain toys in certain areas (which is how their 4 year old preschool class is organized).  This morning has been a piece of perfect.  They are having fun, playing together and doing so very nicely.  Already, I love this room so much because they love it so much.

In other fun news, we had Maya's first haircut last night!  Bobby's first haircut came around 14 months old, but Maya hasnt wanted hers cut (nor have I!).  The other night, it was clear she needed a trim, so I took her to a local salon and did the deed last night!

Initially, I'd wanted to do it, then take her out to celebrate with her grandma, aunts, pals, but with my MIL out of commission due to her knee surgery, we just celebrated, the two of us, with frozen yogurt instead.  I dont think Maya minded!

Well, I'd better start spearheading the clean up project in the playroom so we can have our lunch in the next 15 minutes or so... I think we'll be back down here later!


Queenie said...

Wow, that looks great! What an awesome playroom.

Thanks for your kind comment. It was just what I needed to hear. :)

sunflowerchilde said...

What a sweet story about Bobby thinking of Maya. My son also likes red, and it's so frustrating finding red things for him.