Thursday, March 21, 2013


I went back and read my posts from around 22w with Bobby and Maya.  Talk of discharge that might be pPROM, dilation of 2cm above TVC and 1cm below, ultrasounds with sacs bulging, Trendelenburg, showers every other day (finally), bed pans.  Wow.  Not exactly the 22 weeks of today.

Today, I finished painting the nursery!

I really love the colors and the new floor.  I still have to finish painting the closet (which, I'd have left white except the previous owners painted it to match the room- butter yellow- and it is NOT staying yellow when the rest of the room is done).  Peter suggested the walls as the lighter color (the plan) and the shelves the darker color.  We'll see, but I like the idea. 

I had only planned on doing belly shots on the 'monthly' weeks, but I couldn't help it. :)  I'm actually wearing one of my larger (non-maternity) running shirts, and I still can't believe I can fit into regular clothes!  (Dont worry, the pants are cinch waisted, so they don't count...)
22 weeks
  2 more weeks until viability, 6 more weeks until the third trimester.  Time is flying by!

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