Sunday, September 4, 2011

Letting It Go

Our crib was the first gift we ever received.  Shortly after we found out we were pregnant and we were, like most new pregnant couples, scoping out furniture, we found some that we loved.  It was a beautiful honey color that matched our bedroom furniture.  We fell in love.  We knew that was THE furniture for us.  Peter's parents, shortly after we discovered Nicholas and Sophia were on their way, bought us the crib as a Christmas gift and our first baby gift. 

We completed the nursery with Alexander.  But the crib was the only piece that we had for all the kids.  We'd put it up when we were preparing for the adoption and it has been in our room since.  So, recently, as we were preparing to get the kids their big kid beds, we discussed selling the nursery furniture.  And, as surprised as I was, someone immediately responded and, as of today, we no longer have the means to have a nursery in the house.  The funds actually paid for the "big kid" furniture the kids have (and 2 smaller pieces to put their PJs and socks in, since we didnt really use the dressers to their full capacity anyway) which, really, is how it should be.  But it is strange, walking by Bobby and Maya's rooms and seeing no dressers... Looking in our room and seeing no crib...  I mean, I knew this day would come sometime, but, it's still a shock to my heart. 

And, as we count down the final six days to Bobby and Maya's 2nd birthday, we have removed the gates from their rooms as well, so they are truly free range babies.  That's a shock to me as well... Babies who are now securely toddlers... 

Time's flying and sometimes I feel like I'm barely holding onto the wing of the plane!


ccc said...

It is so sad and yet so exciting to move from one phase of your children's lives into the other. Have fun!

St Elsewhere said...

Your kids are growing up. Very sentimental indeed.

Many hugs. There seems to be more emotional undercurrents to this post than what I see in the obvious words.