Saturday, September 3, 2011

10 Days of Firsts: Day 3

Nope... No pics... At least from the actual event. :)

First for the day: walking, sans backback, with Daddy, to the school playground down the street.  I'm home right now, working on doula/CBE coursework because I'm having some belly issues and didnt want to get out of my PJs at the moment.  They, I'm sure, are having a ball playing with Daddy. :)  And I miss being a part of that...  But I like knowing they have special alone time with him too and, since he is going out to dinner with some guy friends tonight and wont be home for dinner/bath/bedtime, I'm glad he's having some special time with them now.

But, to leave you with pics of my nearly-2 year olds (a week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), here's the peanut brigade watching Super Why a few days ago!

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