Friday, September 30, 2011

Half-Marathon Round-Up!

Thanks to all the well wishes on the half-marathon!  I appreciate all the support and words of encouragement!

You may remember, I registered for the Women's Half Marathon in Nashville on January 31st. I booked a flight down and coordinated with my mom and stepdad (who were awesome enought to house and feed us for our quick 2 day trip).  So, months passed and soon that day was upon us!

Friday, September 23rd, Sarah and I caught an early flight to Nashville (which, of course, was delayed by an hour), where my parents met us.  After picking up our race packets, we had lunch with my mom, grandmother, and nephew, then a DELICIOUS dinner (a polenta eggplant-spinach lasagna...) and an early turn in.  We got up bright and early (at 4:15- eek!) and met up with Terri an hour later, then the three of us headed down to the WHM start.
Me, Terri, and Sarah, prior to the race

At 7am, the first of the corrals started, and 8 minutes later, our corral was off!  We were divided before mile 1 was over, but had a plan to meet ( NO JOKE) at the cookie tent!!! after the race.  My average was 10:15 minute miles (about 6mph) and I finished the 13.1 mile, very hilly course in (my jawdropping) 2 hours 14 minutes and 13 seconds.  My hardcore goal was 2:30, so do do 2:14 really thrilled me beyond measure.

Running the race and as happy as can be!

Crossing the finish line was quite the feeling of "I DID IT!"  It was an awesome feeling that words cant do justice.
Crossing the finish line at 2 hours, 14 minutes

I was able to "run in" 2 of my dearest friends (a special repayment for Sarah, who came back and ran me in at the tri in 2010), and then we enjoyed the above referenced cookie tent!

After eating (too many) cookies, fruit, and drinking gatorade and water, we headed back to my Mom's, where we said good-bye to Terri and enjoyed hot showers!
Three very happy Half-Marathoners!  Terri, Me, and Sarah
Because he rocks!, my stepdad made my fave, oysters rock', to send us on our way before we headed back to the airport.  We made it home safely and extremely tired.  But it was worth the whirlwind getaway and race.

I'm still riding the high.  I smiled a koolaid smile the entire race!!!

A year ago, I never would have fathomed this.  And now?  Now, I'm a half-marathoner!
Proudly sporting this on my car!
Scope out all my race pics here, and I'll be sure to update it when I have more!


Jenn said...

look at you rockstar! Congrats!

Mo said...

Congratulations!! A great achievement!


Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Hooray and congrats! All of your hard work has been paying off, inside and out!

Barb said...

You look great!