Monday, September 5, 2011

10 Days of Firsts: Day 5

Today's big first... COOKING!

In the past, the kids have "helped" me by putting things on the table or back in the pantry, but I've never really gotten into letting them measure flour, stir, etc.  So, today's firsts were cooking lessons with Mama!

Maya made pancakes!  I showed her how to do every step, but she measured and poured flour and almond milk, stirred, dolloped batter onto the frying pan, flipped a pancake (with assistance of course!), plated, and ate!  And she was quite thrilled with herself!!!

Bobby made chocolate buttercream frosting and iced a chocolate fig cake I made for dinner last night!  He used the mixer, tasted to make sure it was okay!, slathered the icing on the cake, and then, of couse, checked the frosting again...  He really enjoyed eating the frosting more than frosting the cake, but who can blame him!  It is chocolate buttercream of course!

At the end of the day, the three "kids" took the top of the double boiler where I'd melted icelandic chocolate for the frosting and stole a moment on the kitchen floor.

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Catherine W said...

Aw lovely! They both look like they were born to bake! Maya in particular looks so happy perched up there on the counter. J baked her first fairy cakes today, she even broke the eggs into the bowl (they did have a slightly shell-y texture) it's great fun isn't it?!