Friday, September 2, 2011

10 Days of Firsts: Day 2

No pictures of the kids (sorry).  Today's first?  Making it to the 2nd level of the 3 level playzone thingamajiggie at a large church a few towns over. 

Now given, I had to get up there first to show them how to climb the climbing slide and to help them over the little hurdle, but once up there, Maya trampled over me and went to where the older kids were and started showing them how to go through the obstacles!  Bobby, on the other hand, stayed close to Mama, giving hugs and snugs.  I appreciated that.  Of course, then there was the fun of getting down! My knees are NOT meant for that!!

We finished it off with fruit smoothies and then went to the grocery store.  A great afternoon as my little guys move closer and closer to their second birthday...  Where has the time gone?

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Paula said...

As Jess's 6th birthday draws closer, I too wonder where the time has gone. It is amazing how quickly it flies by!