Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 Days of Firsts: Day 8

Lunch with Annie B @ Molly Maguire's!  (yes, the kids go to pubs... another sign of my great parenting!  in my defense, they even have a "kids eat free" promotion on Mondays, so I'm not the only parent taking my kid to an Irish pub!)

The kids went to MMs back when they were uber little.  Sarah and I took them and sat in the window so they could watch the cars.  They were eating solid foods a'la mashed potatoes, so not really "eating" in the general sense.  Today was a little off, since we met Ann (aka Annie B since "Aunt Ann" sounds a little funny and "Annie" is a play on the word "auntie" as well as her name) at the time when the kids would be going down for their nap.  But they were troopers!  Maya ate a decent bit of lunch (and even managed to use her spoon and fork for a good amount!), although Bobby preferred to drink his (juice people! get your minds out of my Guinness!).  I brought the rest of their meal (scallops, rice, and steamed veggies) home for second lunch when they get up from their nap (which they are having right now).  There were a few mini-meltdowns and, over the hour, we didnt have a lot of chatting, but it was a good time to get together with a dear friend and to celebrate her birthday as well as Bobby and Maya's (they are all three sapphire babies!)  But, at the end of the lunch outting, we were all still alive, Mommy hadn't had a meltdown (although that Guinness probably helped!), and the kids made it home awake and ready for bed.  And we had a lovely first, since the kids have never lunched with Ann before!

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