Friday, April 29, 2011

Maya's Day Out

Bobby came down with a new tooth, a cold, and his bout with Fifth's Disease, starting on Good Friday.  Fun times, as you can imagine.  The last week has been rough and Maya has been, in some ways, struggling for attention.  When one child is sick, your attention goes to that child and, since there is only one of me, there is only so much I can do.  When Peter is home, it is easier, but it's still hard, especially when other things, like housekeeping and meals, need to be done.

Yesterday, my MIL came over and, in addition to it giving me some time breathe during the day with an extra pair of hands, it also gave Maya some much needed "Maya time".  In the morning, it was what we called "Uita y Nineta" time (grandmother & granddaughter time).  They went for walks around the neighborhood and came home briefly in the middle of their walks to give me flowers that Maya had liberated from the ground.  Then, in the afternoon, after nap and snack, Maya and I had some much needed girl time.  We went to the local Starbucks, where she enjoyed a lemon bar while people watching and some of my (decaf) iced coffee.
I'm not nosy... I'm just people watching!

Mmmm.... Lemon Bar

Don't worry, Daddy- it's decaf!

I love this place!  When can we come back?

Then, it was off for shopping- well, grocery shopping that is!  I was out of some of their snacks (breakfast bars, fruit cups, apple sauce) and, although our pantry and freezer is well stocked otherwise, we needed those ASAP.
Did someone say "shopping"?

I love you, Mommy!!

To say the least, she's adorable...

And she was talking a mile a minute when we got home, likely explaining to 'Uita' about her fun afternoon.


Hillary said...

What a fun outing! It sounds like great girl time!

Hope you have an equally good weekend!

kcoleman said...

Maya is just adorable. She looks like such a fun, happy, little girl. Sounds like a great Mommy and Maya day.

Terri Jones said...

So precious it should be illegal! Sounds like a wonderful little mommy & daughter time. She looks so happy.

quadmom said...

Okay she is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! I love that sweet grin!! Love that you got to spend one on one time with her. I am hoping to do that with ours once they're a bit older (special outings).

Anonymous said...

Man, she's so cute! And clearly loving her day out with her Mamma. Love it!

Leah said...

What a fun day with your girl. :) I'm always struggling to think of ideas to do special things with both kids on an individual basis. They are both getting to ages where they crave time alone with me, and I love your idea of Starbucks and grocery shopping. It's simple, but meaningful. :)