Friday, April 8, 2011

Being Away

Last Thursday and yesterday were tougher than usual days for me...  It's always hard to drop the kids off at my in-laws, but I know that it is good for everyone involved and allows us to have a hardcore house cleaning weekly.  Not to mention, it's a nice 'refresher' even if I dont want to admit that to myself.  But the last 2 weeks have been different.  I drop them off... and get home after they are asleep.  Instead of having dinner with everyone and then going about our night as a family (which now includes music class), I have dinner alone before leaving for my childbirth education series.  I have 2 more classes (2 more Thursdays) and I know that those nights will suck.  I miss them...  I hate that I'm missing out on their night ritual and snuggling them before bed... That I dont see them from 10:30am until the next morning, around 7am.  It sucks...  :( They send me pictures, but I still miss them.

Music class is no longer on Friday mornings.  I really wasn't enjoying the class.  It's a great opportunity for the kids, but one of me and 2 of them... It wasn't working.  They werent getting all they could out of it because it is parent/child interactive.  So, it was either try a different class (Thursday night "family class" is the only other one that we could do) or quit altogether.  So, we've decided to give this session a try, when we both can be there.  Of course, I'm missing the first 2 weeks of class (and we have someone else going with Peter) because of my CBE classes...  Oh well...

But, today, the monkeys are in full form!  Climbing on furniture, giving me hugs and kisses like they havent seen me in months, and eating everything in sight.  (And, I must admit, Friday morning snuggles are so groovy, I think, because I miss them so much on Thursdays!)

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quadmom said...

Hang in there, Michele!! *hugs*