Friday, April 1, 2011

Kid Tested, Mother Approved

The kids have an addiction to my smoothies in the morning.  If I'm not in the mood to "eat", I make a 250 or so calorie smoothie to replace breakfast.  If I'm simple, I toss in a fruit (frozen strawberries or blueberries), a Greek yogurt (of the same fruit), some almond milk, some water, and blend.  2 minutes.  Or, maybe I'll do a fruit combo and some hemp with almond milk and water.  Again.  Delicious.  I sit in the living room and have a kid on each side, desperate for the glass.  I hold one hand and then tip the glass with my free hand.  Then alternate.  Then take a drink.  And, while I'm drinking, child 1 grabs my free hand, like "hey!! my turn!!".  I log 250 calories, but I'd be interested to see what I'm actually drinking!


My MIL went to the local consignment store the other day.  She knew I'd been lamenting that I wanted to get the kids a "kitchen" to play with, but that I was too cheap to pay upwards of $140 PLUS the attachments, etc. for it.  She texted me a picture and the words "$63 with a box of stuff".  I dug the money from my hidden jar, called Peter to make sure he was on board, and told her to get it.  As soon as I got it inside and cleaned, the kids were on it like white on rice.  (or brown on rice if you live in our house!).

I always wanted one of these- for myself!!  I dont know if you can see it in the picture, but it's about 4.5-5 feet long.  There is a fridge (with ice maker!), dishwasher, oven, stove, sink, pantry (over fridge), window (over sink), microwave (over stove) and a table.  And the stuff!! Dishes, food, even a kitchen.aid-esque blender!!  I love it... I mean, THEY love it.

And they really do.  They play with it all the time since we brought it home.  I really wanted a wooden one with wooden "food", etc.  But...  Money matters.  And buying from a second hand is recycling, which is also environmentally responsible.


Last night, I had my first childbirth education class (1/4) sponsored by a local hospital.  The instructor is a nurse in L&D, and was personable.  I can say, honestly, that it is not a class that I (as an expectant mother) would have taken.  But, then again, the Bradley classes were way more our speed and our philosophy.  The people in this class seemed to be where they belonged, philosophy wise (and the way that some of them got squeamish watching actual labors, especially the natural one.).  It was eye opening, to say the least.  But, what really struck me, was that she asked me to teach a section next week!  She admitted that she is more clinical in her approach, but would like to add some mediation, etc, and asked if I would do a 10 minute (the class is 2 hours total, with a 45m video, so 75 minutes of lecture/discussion) meditation!  At first, my nerves swished in my stomach, but instantly, I thought "YES!!".  So, I am!  I used to teach yoga and meditation, so this wont be that difficult.  The next week, I'll be organizing my thoughts.  I plan to do 2 affirmations: one for the dad, one for the mom.  And then a 5 minute guided meditation, sending love to the baby inside.  I'll also include a handout with a labor meditation (but since I dont want to have any PTL, we wont do that in class!!)  I'm excited!

Of course, class meant missing out on kid time. :(  I dropped the kids at Peter's parents around 10:15am...  Since I missed dinner...and bath...and bedtime... I didn't see them for 11 hours.  I got home at 9:15 last night and checked on them with a penlight.  :(  I missed them so much.  I snugged with Bobby around 6:45 this morning when he woke up, and Maya about 15 minutes later.  But being without them for the day was tough.  It makes me think that going to Nashville in September for an overnight (for the half marathon) is going to kill me...


I had my bi-monthly measuring today.  I started off, in October, with the following.
Bust: 45.5", Waist: 40", Hips: 51", Stomach: 49", Pants: size 20

As of today, I'm:
Bust: 36", Waist: 32.5", hips: 42", stomach: 39", Pants: sizes 8 & 10

My starting weight was 240lbs (with a BMI of 37.6); I'm not 179.5 lbs (BMI: 28.1).

Six months, 60.5 pounds.  Wow...  29.5 more pounds and 3 more months to hit my big goal.  We'll see!


It's April 1st.  And it's snowing.  Really??  REALLY?????


Hillary said...

What a great little kitchen at such a good deal! I've been deabating getting one for Grady. I just need to decide what toys I can get rid of to make room for something much larger!
And what a great honor that you get to speak on meditation. I know you'll do great!
Hope you and the kidos have a great weekend!

Lisette said...

You will do great next week.
So proud of you, you are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Snow - what??? And I LOVE smoothies!!!

Reba said...

cute kitchen!! we got naomi one for her birthday...a wooden one from one step ahead. we're building it this weekend and i'm sure there will be a post about it since we suck at building things. from the size of the box, i think it's like ikea where you have to put the entire thing together from boards.

Stace said...

Yay for the kitchen! We got Colby one for Christmas and he loves it. I love watching him "feeding" his toys and pretending to eat his creations.

Paula said...

Love the kitchen! I wanted a wooden one for Jess but we couldn't afford it; Mike's parents ended up buying it for her for Christmas. I love watching her play with it.