Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In Which I Rant & Complain

Not the first post of a new calendar year that I wanted, but oh well...

This has not been my day!  So, forgive me as I bitch and whine (and get it all out so I'm a better woman/wife/mother/friend/sister/daughter/etc when I'm finished!)

- Last week, we took my car to the shop for an oil change.  Now, the CD player wont work.  Apparently, this is common on this particular model of Volvo.  G-R-E-A-T...  So, now I have to wait for Peter to have time (time?  what's that???) to look at it or it has to go back to the shop... 

- Woke up at 2am to a nightmare-having Maya.  She fell back to sleep within a half hour... But I didnt.... until 6:30am.  Got up at 7.  Yeah.  No run.  No rest.  Way to start the day, already in a pissed off mood.

- Yesterday, Peter made me a cup of coffee... And it sucked.  But it wasnt his fault.  The coffee maker was dying.  Hoping it was a fluke, I tried it again this morning.  Nope.  Nasty coffee...  Machine dead.  Sucked, but...

- Peter recommended making coffee in my french press.  So I did... And promptly scalded myself because I wasnt paying adequate attention. 

- As he's getting ready to leave, I ask Peter to grab me a loaf of bread from the garage freezer.  He comes back in and says "The freezer isn't frozen."  It dawns on me there was an interesting noise coming from the fridge last night.  Yep.  Dead.  In fairness, we inherited it from the previous owners who inherited it from the previous-previous owners...  So, we got 14 months.  Can't complain.  (too much).  Of course, that is the fridge where I had 5 dozen eggs, and the freezer was packed to the gills with bread and meats from local sources, along with veggies from my garden.  Thanks to the amount of food and the freezing temps, we saved 95% of the stuff and were able to fit it into our kitchen fridge.  (So glad we bought the ultra huge LG for the kitchen... Love that thing).

- I made Maya cry.  As I was trying to unload the stuff Peter was bringing in, she wanted to help.  I said no.  Actually, it may have been more like "No, you CANNOT help me.  I need you to go and play, and get out of the kitchen." or something like that.  She went in the living room and cried.  And I felt awful.  Maya is quite the helper.  The epitome of "domestic goddess-in-training".  I still feel bad (even though she kissed me when I made eggs for breakfast- her favorite).

- One of the things that was too defrosted to save was a delicious empanada made by my MIL.  I decided to eat it for breakfast.  As I go to take it out of the oven, it slips and falls underneath the oven heating element, getting nastified...  And I have to toss it.  And I love empanadas.  Especially hers.  L-O-V-E.  So, I was pretty sad.

- I took down the nursery today and made it into a playroom. It got to be too hard hearing Maya point and say "Baby's room" every time she walked past. Even though we've tried to explain to them that the baby is with his family (we dont know the gender and, honestly, dont know if the baby is actually with his birth family), she still, in the most adorable voice, would announce "baby's room"... It broke my heart. So, changed it. 

And that was just by 9:30am. 

The days has gotten better.  My house is clean, I'm showered, and I'm trying to tell myself that just because the day quasi sucked in the morning (the moon goes void of course early tomorrow morning... perhaps I was running a day early???) that things will be okay tomorrow.  And if not?  At least I'll have a lunar reason to be crabby!

On an even better note, I feel so much better after venting!


Jo said...

What a day. I hope it got better. And if it didn't, maybe you can take a little comfort that I'm thinking of you from the other side of the world! xx


About Maya saying, "baby's room." I take that as God putting it on her heart that maybe some day there will be a baby in there. You don't know what God has planned. :)
Have a wonderful day, Michele. God has and will bless you in your lifetime.:) You are a blessing to me.

ccc said...

Oh boy! I hope it only continues to improve. Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at how ridiculously awful things can get. It's not funny at the time, but one day it will be.

Paula said...

I hope today's better. Our fridge died recently and Mike replaced it while I was at work with the smallest "full size" refrigerator/freezer I've seen. UGH! When this one goes (perhaps with some help from me), I'm picking out the next one.