Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pregnancy Article

Just saw this posted by a fellow doula...  Wow....  That's all I've got.

(In defense, I just deleted a file I needed for a CBE assignment (well, I overwrote it) and frustrated is a light term.  Peter's trying to recover it, but we are both doubtful it's going to happen...  And more Casa Haytko drama, but that's for another time...)


Erin said...

Shoulder dystocia scares me to my bones. That lady was very fortunate.

GibsonTwins said...

This is not a "wow" moment. This is a woman who is so anti-establishment that she put her life and the life of her baby at risk. This is also called "stupid" by us medical professionals.

Doulas are not medical professionals, they're paid to rub backs, get ice chips, do things the father of the baby can/should do. They are highly discouraged at our hospital.

What if the baby hadn't been fine? Then what? You wouldn't have posted it because you know how many people would say "Even I knew better than that!".

Michele said...

Actually, my "wow" comment wasnt quantified by a "wow that is awesome" or a "wow, that deeply disturbs me". It was simply a "wow". I know few women whose liberal midwives would agree to a breech birth post dates, a few who would handle a homebirth postdates for a woman whose baby was not her first. More often than not, moms are referrered to 'natural birth friendly' OBs if complications come up so that she and baby have access to medical care if needed.

I'm sorry that you took offense to this and that you dont particularly care for us ice chip givers.

And, point of interest, had the baby died or been injured, I still would have posted the article (assuming someone posted it and it caught my eye as it did in this case). And, my initial thought on reading it? "Wow... This woman has the exact opposite experience from me in every single way."

Paula said...

I would say "Wow!" simply based on the baby's size. Jess at 8 months old was 11 pounds; Jason was 8lb 10 oz at birth.