Friday, January 6, 2012

The Visit of the Magi

January 6th... 3 Kings Day... Feels like the entire 'Christmastide' has been so fast this year!

Tonight, we'll have our annual dinner and gift exchange for the kids.  For this year, I'm making ham, and I've already prepared a Tres Leches cake and Pineapple Upside Down cake.  But, outside of food, it's nice to get together with those near and dear after the immediate 'rush' of the holiday season has ended.

(On a cute note, I'm watching the kids snuggle.  They are standing, and Maya just stepped into Bobby's side and placed her head against his shoulder.  They stayed that way for a second, before running off and playing...There's my gift from the Kings right there...)


Ms. J said...

What an amazing moment . . . reminds me of sometimes at bedtime Peanut will lean into Lil Pumpkin for a bedtime hug.

nikki wood said...

It amazes me how far our lives have come from the first time we spoke. How funny we even both ended up with our own miracle Maya's :)