Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Date Day

On Sunday, Jan 15th, Peter and I spent a lovely afternoon 'dating'. :)  I once said that I didnt want to be one of those parents who had kids only to get sitters so that I could have an evening out.  But, at the time, I didnt realize that there is a huge difference between "Mama" and "Michele".  I love being "Mama", but "Michele" needs time to reconnect with "Peter" outside of his being "Daddy".  Having a good, strong marriage makes us better parents.  And we are extremely lucky to have people in our lives who understand that, and who go out of their way to give us time to just be "Peter and Michele" for a few hours.  Our thoughts are never far from our children, but, for a few hours, we have time to reconnect, like we did that first night nearly 14 years ago, and just be us... together.

Peter's mom and Sarah came over to be on baby-duty, and we dressed up (me in one of my new Shabby Apple frocks!) to head out to lunch, spend the day, and then dinner.

We went to a (formerly) local hangout (now in the next town over since we moved) for brunch, then headed to Mr. B's for coffee and conversation.  (It's so strange being there now, sans kiddos, since I'm so used to being in the jungle gym area!).  We talked and drank locally roasted coffee, and just hung out.  Then, we went to the orchard we frequent for a wine tasting (and a few bottles!), before popping into the bookstore and heading to dinner at our FAVORITE Italian place.  Dinner was perfect, and then it was off to our home- and bath time!  Nothing beats getting home in time for bath and bedtime ritual!

Of course, this story wouldnt be complete without a mention of the NY Giants!

The game was on and we were (I'll admit it) interested.  Well, in the restaraunt, so was everyone else!  Including a grandma who came in and gave us the score (it was 20-10, NYs favor).  What a riot!  (We won that game and are now going on to play SF to decide whose going to the Super Bowl!)

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Leah said...

I think dating your spouse is such an important thing. My husband and I don't get sitters very often because I always feel guilty, but I will say this. When I am recharged and bonded with my husband, I am a better mother. Hands down. Love your outfit. :)