Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Morning in the Life of Toddlers

Because you can't make this stuff up.

Heard this morning at the breakfast table:
Peter: "Wash your hands.  A sticky vagina isnt a happy vagina."
(We'd been eating pancakes, with syrup... Maya needed to go potty and was trying to take her clothes off and get naked... with sticky hands.... But still.  Who the hell ever imagines that conversation???)

We went to Mr. B's this morning.  Maya is on level 4.  I have Bobby, ready to go out to the cafe and grab a snack.  "Maya, come down please.  We're going to get a snack."  We make eye contact, I sign 'eat', she nods and proceeds to climb down to level 3, where I lose sight of here.  Then I hear a loud noise and she starts to cry.  That's right: my evilkineval daughter decided that the quickest way to get to the bottom was to jump through the middle of each climbing level.  She landed just shy of level 1, on the mesh seperating levels 1 and 2.  She was fine, just startled by the fact that she actually had jumped and traveled at warp speed to the ground.  But really?  My goodness, crazy woman!

Bobby... My sweet little boy...  Who finally is getting over his fear of the potty.  We have had some moments of sheer terror, screaming and fighting, for him to get near the toilet.  But recently, he's not only gotten near it, but he's sat on it, read a book, and then let us put his 'boy boy' underwear (pull ups) on before he flushes the toilet, etc.  Nothing has happened, but it's a major thing.  Today, at Mr. B's, he walked to the exit twice, and said "Mama. Go."  I thought he wanted a snack.  But the third time, he came into my arms and I got a whiff of his bottom.  He'd gone, alright.  And it was a mess. 

But I was so proud of him.  SO PROUD.  He had tried to tell me that he needed to go to the bathroom.  Maybe he had already gone by that first time, I dont know.  Or maybe he had actually told me before he went.  I'm not sure.  But, combined with him telling us he needed to sit on the potty the last few days (sometimes before he goes (he goes right after he gets off and done) or right after (you can still see the steam off the pee), he's getting there.  And I'm so glad we arent rushing them and are letting them do this at their own pace.  It's taking a while, but they are getting it, like really getting it.


Jess said...

"A sticky vagina isn't a happy vagina" Funniest thing EVER!!!! It's my new favorite quote!! LOL

ccc said...

Potty training is so rewarding for momma as well as the kids, isn't it?