Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saying Goodbye to a Legend

As another preemie mom wrote, this woman's research damn well likely saved Bobby and Maya, as well as countless other premature babies. 


Mary Ellen Avery, Premature Babies’ Savior, Dies at 84

Dr. Mary Ellen Avery, a medical researcher who helped save hundreds of thousands of premature infants with a single, crucial discovery about their ability to breathe, died on Dec. 4 in West Orange, N.J. She was 84.        Read more here

Thank you, Dr. Avery.  Godspeed you to a graceful rest in the Land of Eternal Peace.


MrsSpock said...

Amazing! Just thinking of the children I know, there must be a dozen or so who wouldn't be here without her work.

Amy said...

God bless her for her concern and work. I hope it was enough to counter her advocating for abortion when she met Christ face to face. A bit ironic, that someone concerned with saving babies supported abortion. Charity does indeed cover a multitude of sins, and if saving hundreds of thousands of babies' lives and sparing their parents the unimaginable heartbreak that is losing a child, I don't know what is. Eternal rest grant unto thee, Dr. Avery. May God have mercy.

Michele said...

Wow, Amy... I had no idea about her pro-choice views. I must have missed that part when I was reading over a few different obits about her. I will confess that I had only recently read about her pioneering work and am just grateful that it was there to help lead other researchers on their ways to helping save premature babies.