Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last night

I love my husband. I love him in a way that words don't do justice. And last night just proved it to me over and over again.

Peter is tall, 6'2", and lanky. When I taught yoga, he would occasionally come to my classes, but he struggled because he is so inflexible. We'd be reaching for our toes and, even with his long arms, he'd barely have his knees. After many classes, he was a hand passed his knees, but it really wasn't his thing, so he never kept up with it. I, on the other hand, love yoga and love writing about yoga. Except now. I am so terrified of doing anything that might "hurt" the baby, that even though I have touted how safe yoga is during pregnancy, I'm horrified of trying. Our doctor and our Bradley teacher have both encouraged it; Dr. B. even wrote me a note for a class! I went looking for teachers and no one wanted me once they heard my history. (But, as things would turn out, several studios recommended a teacher and I (along with my doctor's note!) are meeting with her tomorrow night for discussion and her weekly prenatal class.) I think all the "no" answers made me think "Oh goodness, I really SHOULDN'T do yoga!" But finally, yesterday, something inside of me said "try". I think it is an after effect of our Bradley class last week with Lisa said "There is no reason why this pregnancy can't be normal". Hearing someone say that has really helped, and I have repeated that phrase whenever I start to loose it. So, long story long, I decided I would try some yoga. After all, I've taught it and have information on yoga in pregnancy.

I get home and Peter is already there. I invite him to practice and, even though I can tell he's thinking "oh no", he says "sure." I go into the library and we lay out our mats and start some music, beautiful bamboo flute music. Then, I grab my prenatal deck, which gives asanas and the correct trimester for them, and organize a routine. As I'm looking, I see that each card has a beautiful meditation on it for the pose. So, I turn to Peter and ask if he would prefer to read the meditations for the poses instead of doing it, then I don't have to really think, I can just flow. He agrees and we start, me on the mat, him in my chair at my desk. The music is flowing, his voice is barely above a whisper and was like listening to an angel... It was so soft and gentle. He would repeat the meditations (one-two lines) as I moved into the asana and repeated. Then we'd move to the next pose, which he would announce, and then another meditation. At the end, I had selected a longer meditation, which he read once I had assumed the pregnancy relaxation position (on my left side, using a large body pillow for support). The most beautiful part came at the end. In the darkness, he spooned up behind me, and repeated the meditation, then we lay on my mat, intertwined, for 6-7 minutes, in relaxation, sending our warm thoughts to the baby. At the end, he read the meditation one last time, and we sat up.

By this time, I was starving (what else is new) and, in the pouring rain, my beautiful, sweet husband drove to our favorite Thai restaurant and picked up dinner. It was delicious. I'm a huge fan of tofu lemongrass soup, which is awesome at Nadia's in Lansdale. We shared an order of Nadia's rolls (crispy veggie egg rolls), and then our own curries. I had massaman curry (tofu) and he had red curry with veggies. Wonderful. We watched a little TV, then went to bed.

He is such a wonderful husband and father; I feel so blessed and lucky.


The Beauty Junkie said...

Awwww that is so awesome. What a blessing. I'm cheesin over here for you.

S said...

That's so sweet. I'm glad you tried out the class despite your fears. I like what your teacher said. Keep that as your mantra.


oh and wierdly enough the word verification code I see at the bottom to send this post here is "blessem" no lie!!!

S said...

Hey I love your audio clip on your main page! Gryphon came running when it came on and I asked him if he knew who it was and he said.. "It's Rowan!"